How The Internet REALLY Works (You Would Be Surprised!) Infographic

What does a telecommunications company have to do when a user makes a very simple request from their home computer? There is lots more going on than you would think!!!! Check out the infographic below: For SIP Network, VoIP / PBX or standard DSL connection, the process is pretty much the same (with a few additional things)... Both Infographics Provided by - XO Communications Disclosure:  … [Read more...]

D-Link Wireless Network Camera


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Arya Wiese #166!   Get a piece of mind by keeping an eye on your children, pets, home or office by simply using the D-Link Wireless Network Camera! I know that when my little ones were just wee babies, I had a very hard time allowing them to sleep in their crib, away from me. In fact, I did not allow them, until they were way over 1-year-old! If I had this D-Link Wireless Network Camera then, I would have had  maybe an easier time allowing them in their own cribs. This wireless camera is pretty neat. You can keep an eye on them, from one location! By simply logging on to the mydlink website or by opening the mydlink app. Totally simple and easy to do! I received the D-Link Wireless Network Camera to review. I put this in my children's toy room, downstairs. I am not always able to be around them while I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, so it is nice to have my laptop on the kitchen counter and to be able to see my children at … [Read more...]