BO-PO: Brush On, Peel Off Nail Polish (Review & Giveaway)

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Congrats to┬áMaria Simon *Samples received, opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. Do you remember the brush on, peel off nail polish when you were younger? I do, because I have older sisters. If you are not as ancient as me, then you probably do not remember. But, the polish was really neat! It is not messy to use, but if you DO get it on the table or somewhere else, you can just peel it off. So, when I let me daughter and her friends paint their nails, I don't have to have an anxiety attack! Yay! The polish is called BO-PO and you can easily brush it on and when you are done with it, peel it off. No nail polish remover needed. It also dries really quickly! The BO-PO Nail Polish comes in 10 different colors, so there is a color or two for every little girl! We received two colors to try out. I let my daughter paint her own nails and she did pretty good! I then did my nails just to test it out. Yep, it dried quickly but peeled off just as … [Read more...]

Clementine Art Review & 3 Giveaways!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Benita G. COMMENT #60, Jennifer C. COMMENT #78 AND Marci COMMENT #14!!! Natural. Fresh. Real.   That would describe Clementine Art products. Clementine Art products are all natural, safe, non-toxic and Environmentally friendly. Their fresh and natural art supplies support the healthy development of your child. So, when I found out about them, I had to let my kids try them out! We received the Natural Paint set. It is a set of six paints that are colored with Mayan mineral Earth pigments. They are long lasting, washable (which is a huge plus!) and natural. When the box came in the mail, my kids were so excited to give them a try! I set up a little bench outside on the lawn, grabbed some paper, brushes and a little thing of water and we were on our way to a fun filled, art inspired afternoon with our new Clementine Art natural paint! I love that these paints are natural, a big thing when it comes to little kids, because of the safety issues with … [Read more...]

The NeverWet Plunger Review & A Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO TARA COMMENT #317!!! So, if you are like me, or many people I know, plungers kind of gross me out. Seriously, who wants to store a discusting, rancid, toilet paper clinging, poo poo caked, germ infested plunger in their bathroom? YUCK! I have had the hardest time trying to figure out what to do with it, so that it is put away somewhere in the bathroom, where others can't see it, and in what to put it in! Ugh. With my old plungers I would always store under the bathroom sink in the cabinet and have it in a little plastic container (that it would come with). But that little plastic container needs to be bleached alot and is still just GROSS.   Then I found out about another toilet plunger. One that is so unique and actually kind of 'neat' to use! Not only does it NOT stay wet and poopy, but it actually comes out of the toilet water DRY. Yes, DRY. I did not believe it, so that is why I HAD to try it. I received the NeverWet Plunger and used it right … [Read more...]

Remove Eye Makeup with Ease the Non-Toxic Way & Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO tina reynolds COMMENT #40!!! I absolutely love wearing eye makeup. I use it all, the eyeliner, eyeshadow, primer and mascara, every day!! At night, I HATE taking it off. It never completely comes off and I am left looking like a racoon! I have tried a few eye makeup removers and for the most part have liked them, it is just going to the store and getting them again that I am lazy about! I recently got to try an eye makeup remover that is non-toxic. They are Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Eye Makeup Remover Pads. It comes in a plastic container with a lid. They are little pads and I have to use a pad for each eye (yes, I wear alot of DARK eye makeup ). Normally I am sure one could get away with using just one pad, but not me :) The first thing I noticed about these pads is that they are pleasantly scented. I am not sure if they are suppose to be scented, but they are and very very lightly scented. When I used them, they did make the skin around my eyes feel … [Read more...]

Piggy Paint Review & Coupon Code!

I was recently contacted to review Piggy Paint, a safe nail polish for kids! I was very excited to review for them, because I like to paint my daughters toe nails, but was always hesitant to do so because I was not sure how "safe" it would be for her. We received a Piggy Paint in Candy-Coated. It is a really pretty lavender color. I painted my toes as well as my daughters toes (piggies :) ) and her nails. Of course my son was pouting in the corner, so I had to do his piggies too! Sigh! At least the weather is getting a bit chillier, so my son will be wearing socks and shoes now, LOL! I love how there is absolutely no smell! I love how it goes on smoothly and dries fairly quickly. I love that it is as natural as mud! We also received the nail polish remover. When I opened it I was so shocked that it has NO SMELL! No harmful fumes! Wow, I am very impressed and even more so impressed by the way it takes off nail polish! So easy and works just as well as the smelly nail polish … [Read more...]