The Least Toxic Car Seats for Your Precious Cargo

*This post includes my affiliate links. Toxic Car Seats Do you like the idea of laying your brand new newborn baby down into a car seat covered in toxic chemicals like halogenated fire retardants, chlorinated tris, and lead?  I’m guessing most parents would not like this idea at all. Unfortunately, parents don’t really have much of […]

The best natural air fresheners for your car

*Sponsored Guest Post By Katy. A box of opened baking soda in the pocket of a side drawer or in a box that won’t spill will help to absorb odors just like in the fridge! The best natural air fresheners for your car are the best option not only for you but your little passengers […]

Healthy Organic Based Cosmetics

I wear makeup all the time. I feel so naked and bare without it! My cupboards and drawers are filled to the brim with cosmetics and beauty supplies. Hey, a girl has to have choices, right??? I used to know of a brand called Christopher Drummond and have blogged about his products before. But recently […]

BO-PO: Brush On, Peel Off Nail Polish

*Samples received, opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. BO-PO: Brush On, Peel Off Nail Polish Do you remember the brush on, peel off nail polish when you were younger? I do, because I have older sisters. If you are not as ancient as me, then you probably do not remember. But, […]

Clementine Art Review & 3 Giveaways!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Benita G. COMMENT #60, Jennifer C. COMMENT #78 AND Marci COMMENT #14!!! Natural. Fresh. Real.   That would describe Clementine Art products. Clementine Art products are all natural, safe, non-toxic and Environmentally friendly. Their fresh and natural art supplies support the healthy development of your child. So, when I found […]

The NeverWet Plunger Review & A Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO TARA COMMENT #317!!! So, if you are like me, or many people I know, plungers kind of gross me out. Seriously, who wants to store a discusting, rancid, toilet paper clinging, poo poo caked, germ infested plunger in their bathroom? YUCK! I have had the hardest time trying to figure […]

Remove Eye Makeup with Ease the Non-Toxic Way

I absolutely love wearing eye makeup. I use it all, the eyeliner, eyeshadow, primer and mascara, every day!! At night, I HATE taking it off. It never completely comes off and I am left looking like a racoon! I have tried a few eye makeup removers and for the most part have liked them, it […]

Piggy Paint Review & Coupon Code!

I was recently contacted to review Piggy Paint, a safe nail polish for kids! I was very excited to review for them, because I like to paint my daughters toe nails, but was always hesitant to do so because I was not sure how “safe” it would be for her. We received a Piggy Paint […]