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What Devices Americans Prefer To Use When Shopping Online

*Sponsored post. Opinions are my own. It is true, every year more people are shopping online using smartphones and other devices. I know I am one of them. This last Christmas, I did most of my shopping online! Did you? I bet if you didn’t, you know of someone who did! Even my mom is now […] Shopping Search Engine

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An App That Helps Plant Real Trees!

*This post is brought to you by The Tree Story. Opinions are my own. An App That Helps Plant Real Trees! With all these fires lately and forests being burned down, home being destroyed and more, it really makes you nervous and sad. I know it makes me really sad to see so much destruction […]

F-Secure Freedome: Protect Your Online Privacy #PrivacyIsNoGame

*This is a sponsored posts. Opinions and experiences are my own. F-Secure Freedome: Protect Your Online Privacy #PrivacyIsNoGame I remember when I first started using the internet, I was so scared! I was scared that I would be hacked and I felt really vulnerable. Now that I have been using the internet for quite a […]

Affordable Fashions From Chadwicks of Boston!

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Chatman: Your Online Buddy!

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Ellen Beck #495!! Chatman is your funny, smart online friend! All you do is plug him into your computer and everything you do online, becomes more fun! He can move, chat with you, help you with homework (YES, that!!!), play games with you and more! When you get bored, just go to […] “A Fun and Social Way To Shop Online!”

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Cyber-bulling Has Taken Off, See How You Can Help Prevent It

With school season almost here, for some, it is already here, bullying and even cyber-bullying could be around your child’s corner. How do we as parents prevent this from happening? You hear horrible stories of kids being bullied to the point of suicide, what can we do to prevent this? The Department of Education is […]

Want to Earn Money At Home? It is FREE and Won’t Cost you a thing!!!

Want to Earn Money At Home? It is FREE and Won’t Cost you a thing!!! I am very excited right now! I JUST came across this “earn money at home” business, and I am totally excited about it. I just signed up, and it did not cost me anything! It is called “Barefoot Books” and […]