Stay Warm This Winter With Carhartt

*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. When we moved here to Idaho, I really had no clue what cold was. I experienced the cold for the first time in December. I and my kids were at an outdoor play and there were little fires everywhere to keep everyone warm. […]

Outdoor Entertaining With The SONOMA outdoors™ Fire Pit Sold At Kohl’s

*Gift card was received. Opinions are mine. Outdoor Entertaining With The SONOMA outdoors™ Fire Pit Sold At Kohl’s Ever since I can remember, I wanted a big deck to entertain on. I always wanted a fire pit for my deck too. We would have friends over, we would sit on the deck, but the fire […]

GreenCycler Counter Compost

CONGRATS TO Marci #991! *product received Summertime, many people have vegetable gardens or flower gardens and I am sure you want to keep them all well watered and the soil at its best, right? My dad has a HUGE garden every year and this year is it is just flourishing!! He always takes the time […]

A Coleman Camping Experience!

Do you enjoy camping? We do 🙂 But, me, I like comfort when I am camping, something pretty close to my home, or I am a brat! I like comfortable things to sleep on and a nice, sturdy tent to keep me warm and safe. I like my food to stay clean, cold and bug […]

Sockwa Review

  I always have to have socks on my feet in my home, always. It is a huge pet peeve of mine, to walk around barefoot only to have little annoying crumbs stick to the bottom of my feet. Even during the Summertime, I will wear socks indoors. So, when I learned about Sockwa, I […]

Backyard Safari Outfitters Review!

I was approached by Team Mom to do this review a while back and never received this product. Today, I found out why! My hubby happened to go to our old house and on the front door step was the package! I am so thankful it was not stolen! Yikes! Now, onto the review…. Do […]