Little Lamb Floor Beds for Infants, Toddlers and Kids (Review)

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Yes, I love sleeping with my children nearby me. I love hearing them breathe, it helps ME fall asleep. I love co sleeping, I love everything about it. Look at my daughter and newborn, taking a nap. I had just gotten up to take this picture! LOVE watching them sleep...   I love having my newborn near me when he is asleep. I love being able to reach over and touch him if I want to. He sleeps in a little bed in the middle of my bed and I love being able to glance at him when I wish. So, to say I have a full bedroom at night, is an understatement! Having great products to sleep with and have on hand, is also something I love. We have a lot of great products from blankets to pillows and everything in between! But, recently I was introduced to a NEW product I have never even heard of. It is the wonderful Little Lamb Floor Beds for Infants, Toddlers and Kids! I received the medium sized floor bed, to review (they do have other sizes available). My son and daughter were … [Read more...]

Cushy Cradler Newborn Bath Review

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Robert Pyszk #1832!! *THIS GIVEAWAY IS FOR THE STORY TIME POTTY, NOT THE CUSHY BATH. I BLAME MY ABSENT MIND ON THIS PREGNANCY :) THANK YOU!!!*   The Summer Infant Cushy Cradler Newborn Bath is the first ever foam tub especially for newborn babies. This cushy tub is made of foam and is the softest baby tub I have ever felt. It is contoured to fit your newborn lovins, for a secure and safe bathing experience. It also has a great incline just perfect for newborns! This tub is so soft and cushy. My kids had to try it out by sitting in it and my daughter sat in it through a whole movie, because it was so comfortable! No, she was not bathing in it, simply sitting in it with a blankie :) I also love how light this is. Not heavy or bulky at all, making moving it around very easy to do! Any product that is easier for mom to move around, it a great product in my book :) It has an easy to unplug draining plug too. When bathtime is over, … [Read more...]

The Little Looster Review

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Potty training can be a hassle for your little one and you. So anything that makes it less of a hassle and easier on your child being potty trained, is a breath of fresh air. The Little Looster, which is a booster for your little ones and helps them up on the potty, is a wonderful invention! No more having to put your child on the toilet, they can now do it themselves, with the Little Looster! We received the Little Looster to try out. Though my daughter has been potty trained since 2, she still has such trouble getting up on the toilet, she is so tiny. The Little Looster fits around the base of your toilet and allows my daughter to step up on it and safely get on to the toilet, on her own! It is such a relief for me and for her I am sure! She feels like such a big girl now! For all the years when those little legs don’t reach the floor. The Little Looster™, a booster for the Loo is about to change the way we potty train. The perfect potty stool. And the great thing about … [Read more...]

Boon Inc. Potty Bench Review

I have always thought that the Boon products were different, by cool different. With bold colors and interesting toys and products, it certainly caught my eye. I requested to review for Boon Inc, which they agreed to. I received the Boon Potty Bench in green. I am potty training my little girl, and thought this would come in handy :) It came rather quickly. When I opened it, my son thought it was for him, so I had to say it was for him and Sissy :) My daughter at first did not know what the heck it was, lol. It is quite bulky, so I was trying to figure out where it would go, which bathroom. I decided on the downstairs bathroom, as their is more room. What I like about this potty bench: *It can also be used as a stool or bench and can support up to 300 lbs *The color is beautiful! *It has storage units on either side of the potty bench. One is for maybe toys? And the other has a little toliet paper roll for toliet paper. (though that does more harm then good! Think of a … [Read more...]