3 Things You Can Easily Do To Help the Earth

*This post includes affiliate links. In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, here are three things made with plastic you can easily stop using now to improve our environment, help wildlife and reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals. Plastics contain many toxic chemicals and endocrine disruptors, including BPA and Phthalates, which scientists are saying […]

Fuel Your Body With Glacier Water And Help The Planet!

*Sponsored post. Opinions are my own. I won’t lie. We buy a TON of bottled water. I also have a half-dozen half empty water bottles in my car, scattered in my home and I am sure tons are in the garbage. I know, I know, it is terrible for the planet! I have given this […]

Green Clean Products that Save Money, Time and the Planet

*Products received. Opinions are my own.   It is nice to recycle and go a bit ‘greener’. I try to teach my kids about the planet and things to do for our planet that will help it. Then I found out about some green clean products that save money, time and the planet and was […]

Sprout Watches: An Eco-Friendly Timepiece! Review

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Tegan Love #256!! Ever since my son started first grade, he has wanted to be grown up. As if they don’t grow up fast enough, ugh. He wants this and he wants that and one of the things he really wanted was a wrist watch. I came across Sprout Watches and […]

The Amazing Mat Review

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Dawn Schmidt #59!! Are you worried about germs traveling into your house? I am. Every one who comes inside my home, MUST take off their shoes! If they don’t I will get really anxious, LOL. I just don’t like filthy shoes on my carpet, or anywhere in my home. Who would […]

Okabashi: More Than Just A Shoe (Review)

I love flip flops and during the summer, that is all I wear, like most people, right? Either that or I am going barefoot. My flip flops have to be super comfortable, since I wear them so much. I hate flip flops that make your toes hurt, those are horrible! Okabashi, makes some pretty comfortable […]

Becky Bones Review

Becky Bones is for inspired kids and teens who want to save the planet.┬áBecky Bones gives back 25% of profits for grassroots solutions like planting trees, starting recycling programs, and other green projects created by kids and teens. So, you can see why I wanted to review for them! Great company that gives back! We […]

Pixxlz Review & Coupon Code!

Pixxlz is a place where you can Create Your Own Eco-Friendly Printed Products. I thought it was so neat and loved what they could do with my pictures. I contacted them to see if they would be interested in letting me review for them, and they agreed! I got to find a picture and they […]