Driving the Florida Keys

The 113-mile drive from Miami to Key West is an iconic drive that truly captures the spirit of the American road trip. It is an unforgettable journey stretching across a chain of islands spreading out into the great expanse of Atlantic ocean and the Gulf. The road is an engineering marvel, and not only will […]

Check Out These Eco-Friendly Glamping Holiday Ideas!

If camping is a bit too rough for you, you might prefer glamping! Check out these fun, Eco-Friendly Glamping Holiday Ideas! Glamping is a luxury version of camping which still gives you the chance to be close to nature… just not too close!  Many glamping accommodations are designed to be eco-friendly so if you’re looking […]

UK to France through the Channel Tunnel or by Ferry

*Sponsored UK to France through the Channel Tunnel or by Ferry One of the best and quickest, not to mention most unique, ways to get from the UK to France is in a car, on a train, in an undersea tunnel!! The Channel Tunnel is an undersea rail tunnel which is 31.35 miles long and […]