Mohawk Home Rug Review

before mohawk rug

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Jaque Richards #5488!! Do you have a room in your home that needs a nice, new rug in? I had two they desperately NEEDED a new area rug. You see, having two little busy kids and light-colored carpet, does NOT mix. Stains GALORE on all my carpeting no matter how hard I try to get my carpets to stay clean, it just does not happen, ugh. So, I thought maybe if I steamed cleaned my carpets really well and then placed a beautiful area carpet on top of it, I would be safe!! So, I totally did just that :) I have worked with Mohawk Home before and got a beautiful area carpet for a room in my home that has all wood flooring, and I LOVE it. It is still as beautiful as it was the first day I received it, so yes, I am happy with Mohawk and their rugs. I KNOW they are quality and I know they can withstand traffic and kids! So, when I was able to review another carpet from Mohawk, I was in heaven! I chose a gorgeous and I mean gorgeous Mohawk Home 8' x 11' … [Read more...]

Jute Rug Shop! So Many Great Rugs To Choose From!

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Half my home has wood floors, and during the winter time, those floors get COLD. Brrrr! I have been thinking about getting some nice rugs to lay down in those rooms, but have not found the rugs that I like at the prices that I can afford. I did come across a site called Jute Rug Shop and had to take a peek at what they offer. The first thing I noticed was the Free UPS Ground Shipping on ALL orders, that was starting off nicely :) Next, I noticed the great selection that they have. From the Handbraided Jute Rug to the Chocolate Border Jute Rug, they have some nice rugs there! But then I came across the Bamboo Rugs and those are pretty nice too. So much selection, and that is great! I also need a runner for my hallway, even though that is not wood floor there, but it gets so dirty from our feet, even though we don't wear shoes in our home, it just gets dirty some how! Now, I have not shopped too much for rugs just yet, so I am not certain on the prices, but some of the prices on … [Read more...]