4 Tips to Keeping Your Home Safe During Holiday Travel

*This is a sponsored post. Have you ever left home and thought, ‘oh my gosh, I think I forgot to lock the back door!‘, or ‘I hope I remembered to turn off the stove!‘. I know we have and had to go back and look to make sure we indeed did remember to do those […]

Win an Apple® iPhone 6s 16GB and 12mo F-Secure® Freedome VPN! #PrivacyIsNoGame

This post is sponsored by F-Secure as part of a Whynotmom.com AllStar campaign. All opinions expressed are my own. Do you like being secure, while you browse the internet? That is a no brainer if you ask me! Who would not like to KNOW they are secure, when they are online??? F-Secure Freedome VPN allows […]

Win An Apple Watch Sport & iPad Mini & 12mo of Freedome®!

*This Giveaway Is Sponsored By Freedome #PrivacyIsNoGame   Win An Apple Watch Sport & iPad Mini & 12mo of Freedome®   I know you all LOVE giveaways, who doesn’t, right? So, I have this big giveaway for you all! You can win An Apple Watch Sport & iPad Mini & 12mo of Freedome®! If you don’t know […]

F-Secure Freedome: Protect Your Online Privacy #PrivacyIsNoGame

*This is a sponsored posts. Opinions and experiences are my own. F-Secure Freedome: Protect Your Online Privacy #PrivacyIsNoGame I remember when I first started using the internet, I was so scared! I was scared that I would be hacked and I felt really vulnerable. Now that I have been using the internet for quite a […]

D-Link Cloud Camera 5000 (Review)

Having a new baby and young kids, I am a worry wart. I worry about EVERYTHING. I rarely go out, because I just don’t trust ANYONE with my new baby or kids. I just don’t. You always here bad things about what some caregivers do to kids and makes you REAL protective.. So sad!   […]

Almond: World’s First Touch Screen Wireless Router (Review)

We all like to feel secure. At home, while we are out and about or anywhere. I like to feel like me and my family are totally safe and secure. Well, what about your computer? I am sure you like to know everything on your computer is safe at all times too, right?   Almond […]

Master Lock SafeSpace: Great for College Students

Going to college can be scary, in so many ways. You just never know! It is important to take all precautions necessary to stay safe and keep your things safe too. With Master Lock SafeSpace college students (or anyone) can keep their laptop safe too. You can secure any laptop, netbook, monitor or projector that […]

GBC ShredMaster GSS208 Strip-Cut Jam Free Shredder Review

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Tina Renee Barker #726!! Since we are cleaning up and doing some remodeling in our home, I am planning on FINALLY having a home office. A place where I can go and work and have everything organized. Oh the thought of that makes me so excited to get started on it! […]