Tips To Make Winter Driving Safer

*This post is brought to you by Urse Honda. Opinions are my own. Driving in the wintertime can be frightening! I remember one time I was driving in the snow and ice, home from work and I did a complete 360 in the middle of an intersection. I was SO lucky that no  one hit […]

How to prepare your car for winter weather

*This is a sponsored post. content is my own. Many of us will be facing dangerous driving conditions this winter.  Always make sure the vehicle you are driving is a safe vehicle, like an Audi. You can check out more vehicles at Below, you will find a helpful list of things to make sure […]

What to do if you get stuck in the snow when driving?

*Sponsored post. Content is my own. If you get stuck in the snow when driving this winter, here are some tips that might help to get you out safely: Make sure you carry the following items in your car in case you do get stuck in the car for an extended time: a couple of […]

Baby’s First Time Playing in the Snow

*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. I distinctly remember my Baby’s First Time Playing in the Snow. I thought he was going to go crazy for it and have SO much fun. He was just starting to stand up and take steps, so I thought that the backyard, filled […]