Must-have Back to School Clothing Items

*Contributor Post Must-have Back to School Clothing Items Back to school is a time of frantic, last-minute preparation. Even if you start early, there is always something that you forgot. It is not that you will send your kids off to school without supplies. But they may not be the quality, thoughtful supplies you would […]

“Goodbye”, She Told Me, And The Next Time I Saw Her, Was In Her Casket….

You just never know what tomorrow may bring, you just don’t. And no matter how much you THINK you know someone, you DON’T. I was pregnant the same time she was. She was absolutely GORGEOUS. She had many many many friends who loved her, thought she was amazing. She was funny, she loved to laugh […]

A Year W/Out My Friend :( And VGNO

Lydia Jessamine Edwards Lanahan (December 27, 1979-April 17, 2008) So, it has been a year today (April 17th) that my very dear, sweet friend commited suicide. Me and her were pregnant together. I remember her coming to my house big and pregnant and soo happy. She gave birth to a little boy, Cooper about a […]