Mega Bloks: Blok Squad Construction Set Review

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We really like Mega Bloks around our home. Blok Squad is from Mega Bloks and it has some really cool playsets for kids ages 5 and up! Since my son loves to play with cars a lot and haul around rocks and little toys with his little trucks and cars, I thought the Blok Squad Construction Set would be great for him to try out! I always forget how time consuming it is, to put together these things! They are super fun to do, but you must have patience!!!!! I am not good at patience :) My son came home from school and that is right when this toy arrived! Thankfully grandma was there to keep my two kids occupied while I put together this playset. It took me about an hour! Just make sure you follow the directions to a t! There are illustrations to show you exactly where each piece goes, so that you are not left with a few pieces. These turned out super cute and my son loves them. They are not very easy to break, either, meaning the pieces don't come apart super easy, so that is great. I … [Read more...]

The Moon Dough Gets A “Doughlift”! (Review)

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I am sure you all know what Moon Dough is, right? If not, it is magical molding dough that NEVER dries out! It is quite impressive, really, and I absolutely love playing with it as much as my children do! In the past, Moon Dough has been known to be MESSY. So messy and crumbly that using it outdoors is almost a must. But, Moon Dough has recently come out with a new dough formula that is supposed to be not as messy as the first batches. Me and my family got to try out the new dough! We received the Moon Dough Push N’ Pop in Ocean Pals. Because of our experience with moon dough last time around, I still had my children play with this outside. I will say that it was the same, in the crumbly, messy way. My deck was and still is, covered with little moon dough pieces! But, just like last time, it was and is a BLAST to play with. I love how it is as light as air, molds so easily and holds its shape greatly! It is one of the most fun toys that my children have really ever had. I mean, … [Read more...]

Backyard Safari Outfitters Review!

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My little kids love to explore outdoors. They love to catch bugs (sooo many bugs, ugh!) and they love running around in our fields! So, when they receive goodies in the mail for outdoor exploring, my kids get really excited :) My kids received some really fun stuff from Backyard Safari Outfitters. They got the Base Camp Shelter, Camouflage, Bird Watcher’s Field Kit, Mini Lantern and Hiking Stick! Now my kids can really explore! The base camp shelter is soo cool! I think this was my sons favorite part of the whole package! It is a little tent, that is VERY easy to put up (you just put the poles in and there ya go!). It is durable and can be moved easily, from spot to spot. It is more of a partial tent, or half tent as my kids call it. The Camouflage reminds me of a guilly suit, LOL. My daughter put this on her body and was walking around saying we could not see her ;) It is really cool though, and my son eventually threw if over the tent opening to cover it and camouflage its … [Read more...]

Caillou Doll and Caillou Learning Train Review

Caillou Doll

I first want to say that I absolutely love being a part of Team Mom! They always have really really amazing opportunities for bloggers and I really appreciate it. That said, I had the opportunity to review the new Caillou Doll and Caillou Learning Train!!! Oh heavens, my kids love Caillou, so this was a wonderful opportunity for them to be able to review him :) The doll is amazing and looks JUST like, well.... Caillou! He is big too! I was not expecting him to stand as tall as he does, about 15". And, when I took him out of the box, he just stood there on his own! LOL! Kinda weird/cool :) I don't think he is suppose to do that (stand up) but ours did :) My son just love him and so does my daughter. His hands, feet and face are made of plastic and everything else is soft/plush. Very cool for your little Caillou fan!! The Caillou Learning Train is a lot of fun and bigger than I thought it would be too! What fun my kids have playing with it on my kitchen floor! It can go … [Read more...]

Raisels Review

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Raisels! Know what they are? Well, raisens of course, with some sugar coated on them and they are in different flavors! When these arrived at my home, I was not super excited to try them out. First of all, I will be honest with you, I have NEVER enjoyed eating raisens, ever. Don't like them. So when they arrived I forced myself to try the Raisels, only because they are suppose to taste like a candy instead of the raisen. To my surprise, they really do taste as yummy as candy. My absolute favorite was/is the Sour Apple. The other ones were not really to my liking. My husband loved them all, and brings them in his lunch everyday. My kids did try them, but they are not a fan of them at all. They ended up in my carpet :( But, there is more for my hubby this way, and he does not mind that :) Raisels are fruity flavored raisens and the first 100% real fruit snack that actually tastes like candy. They come in four flavors; Sour Apple, Sour Orange, Sour Lemon and Sour Peach. They are … [Read more...]

Mega Bloks Domino Build Game

Mega bloks Domino Game

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO debi jackson #29!!     Mega Bloks Domino Build Game is out and it is fun for you and your kids! Who will build their animal first? This is a great game for both boys and girls ages 3-6 years old.The Mega Bloks Domino Build Game teaches children all about colors, numbers, matching and motor skills. You simply play your dominoes by matching colors and animals. If you make a domino match, you win a block to construct your zoo animal!! Super fun and my kids just love this game! We just received this today, and since the post has to be up soon, I am doing the review about it today. But, since we received it today, my kids have been busy playing it off and on all day. It not only teaches my kids the above skills, but also on waiting and taking turns and patience!!! Something they really need to learn more about, because they are both very impatient and this has been a big thing in our home lately. So, this game helps teach them … [Read more...]