3 Ways To Stay Calm In A Traffic Jam

*This post is brought to you by Junction Auto Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Opinions are my own. Everyone that can drive has been stuck in a traffic jam at least once in their lifetime. I am so happy that I am out of the city and in the country now. Traffic jams were not for me. […]

Best and worst commuting cities in 2015

*Sponsored post. Content is my own. We have all been stuck in traffic before and it is no fun. Sitting there for minutes to hours is too long for me. I want to be in a vehicle that is not only very comfortable, but has a good radio and other fun additions. I love the new […]

TomTom GO 500 Makes It Easier To Map Your Route #GetHomeFaster

*Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links.   Being a parent means being a chauffeur too! Getting your kids back and forth to friends houses, school and more can be time-consuming! Good thing I now use the TomTom GO 500! This certainly makes it easier to map out my routes […]

10 Ways to Get People To Read Your Blog

So, I was brain storming a bit tonight (it is severely late here so I might not make any sense to anyone…) and I thought I would come up with 10 ways to get people to read your blog! Well, maybe I did not come up with them, but perhaps I did… 1.) Completely disagree […]