Motor Oil Matters ($50 Gift Card Giveaway!)


CONGRATS TO Pinky Sade #2137 *the gift card was provided by Motor Oil Matters. All opinions are mine.   Motor Oil Matters Has One Goal: To Make Sure You Receive High-Quality Motor Oil We all know that vehicles need oil in order to operate. I am very lucky with a hubby who does all of this for me. He is sooo handy with cars/trucks it is awesome! I rarely if ever, have to worry about anything when it comes to vehicles, because my hubby can fix it or do it!! Our vehicles all get regular oil changes and oil checks to ensure that they are in the best tip-top shape. We have to bring our van in, however, for its oil to be changed, only because it has to be lifted up in order to get to everything. So, when we do take it in, it is nice to know what is going on and what to ask for! Some things I have to know! To make sure I know what questions to ask at my next oil change, Motor Oil Matters (MOM), has provided an excellent checklist to go buy, so you don't forget anything! … [Read more...]

The New Hess Toy Truck Has All The Bells and Whistles!

Hess Toy Truck

The new Hess Toy Truck made its debut on November 11th and it was a big hit!! And, on December 2nd, the free 2011 Hess Racer Game App will be available for  iPhone/iPad and Facebook! Too much fun! This is one cool truck, with all the bells and whistles! It has great craftsmanship and help encourage imaginative play. This truck has 4 wheel spring suspension (yes it does!) and a pull out ramp that has a fun, hydraulic sound!! The truck cab has more sound effects and of course, flashing lights! If that were not enough, the trucks flatbed trailer has a racecar that is modeled after an American stock car that has a pull back racing motor and Hess express logo! With just a push of the racer cars gas cap, it will activate fun flashing lights and the roaring sound of the car's engine!! See below for the full list of the Hess Trucks features: Truck: Pull-out ramp with automatic hydraulic sound 3 additional sound effects activated by cab buttons (ignition, horn and back-up … [Read more...]

Yard Decorations? Who Has ‘Em?

What a glorious rainy day! Spring? Hmmm.. maybe... gardening outside? Nah, not yet! Too wet! My front and backyard look like a forest! Too wet to mow or weed whack the heck out of it. Then, you add my husbands "yard decorations" into the scenario and we are really sittin' pretty, sigh! He LOVES to collect "projects" and then gets more before he can finish one of them, so, can we say "wrecking yard????" Ya, so, I wish it would stop raining so we could clean up the yard a bit and do some spring cleanin' on the place we call home! Anyone else's husband or significant other "collect" things that drives you MAD? Feel free to share, so I know I am not alone! I will add pics in a bit, you will be shocked, I am sure. Those of you that know me and have been to my place, KNOW what I am talking about! YIKES.... … [Read more...]