Making My Blog The Best It Can Be

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Every day I blog, I try my hardest to think of ways to improve my blog and content. I have looked back over the years (yep, I said YEARS, I have been blogging since 2008!!!), and think I have come a LONG ways from where I use to be. I want that to be a good thing and for the most part it is!! But I do miss how I was so carefree and silly! I would like to be like that more, but fear I would not do as well as I am doing now. So, I tone it down a bit ;) There are tons of ways now, to engage readers and companies you would like to work with. One of the ways is with online conversion. This can help me understand you all, my loyals, and personalize your experience, by visiting my blog and yours truly... ME!! Now, I don't really think I need website testing, as I am not that big...yet, but maybe one day when my blog is HUGE ;) I will have to do that... Big companies do website testing, I am sure, and I can see why. It is great. It helps them to see the ever evolving needs of their … [Read more...] A New Retail Sales Search Engine

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Now, hunting for sales is a thing of the past! With, a new local retail sales search engine. This is to help consumers who research online and purchase offline, with a geo-targeted one-stop sales site! “SaleLocator is an advocate for consumers looking for the best advertised and unadvertised promotions.” SaleLocator offers an average of 175,000+ nationwide sales DAILY! This is a new online service that brings the nations largest collection of retail sale information to you! There is no sign-ups necessary, which is appealing to me and no circulars to search or coupons to print up. This site brings together advertised and unadvertised promotions that are already happening in your neighborhood. You can search for local retail sales based on your city, zip or state by keyword or catagory. What Do I Think?? I tried this site out, and I must say it is easy to use and navigate. It has a ton of information on it. I typed in jeans (after I put my zip code) and it pulls … [Read more...]

Top Ten Reasons Why I Stop Reading A Blog


There are many and I mean MANY reasons why I will leave a blog as soon as I stumble on it. Below are 10 of my top most reasons for why I stop reading a blog and leave... 1. Small print... Please don't have such tiny print that even a person using a magnifying glass won't even be able to read it. There are blogs out there like this, trust me, I have seen them and never gone back. 2. Blogs with BLARING loud music...'nuff said 3. Dark blogs with dark lettering. Who can read that? 4. Blogs with so many ads and google ads that you don't even know where their content starts and the ads end.... Hate that!! 5. Blogs that have content cut off of their pages or ads overlapping ads.. drives me nuts (by the way, does my header do that for you????) 6. 4560985430 hoops you have to jump through, just to leave a flippin' comment.. turns me OFF 7. Blogs/sites that are super hard to navigate or find things on... I have been to many sites where I cannot find a THING that I am … [Read more...]

Another GREAT New Daily Deals Website: Plum District

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Plum District is a new, daily deals website. Daily Deals websites are taking the internet by storm, and Plum District is one of them! Plum District features a mom-friendly deal every day, and they are GOOD deals! (I have only used them a few times and never experienced any problems.... This is MY experience with them. ) Plum District KNOWS you have a hectic schedule, so they make it EASY for you to find deals on amazing products. It is so easy (and FUN). All you do is, Check out the daily Plum Deal. If you like it, click the “Buy” button. Then, share the deal with friends and take advantage of a $10 Plum Dollar referral bonus for every friend you refer that purchases a Plum Deal. And finally when you receive your email confirmation, just print out your Plum Certificate, bring it with you and enjoy your purchase! Super easy, right?! For the low down on exactly how Plum District works, just visit their site! Where is Plum District offered? Currently, Plum District is only … [Read more...]

Vivvva-Fashion Website Review

Sex and The City fans will be thrilled to know there is a new fashion web site for fashionistas to upload their looks, create new trends and celebrate looking fabulous! Vivvva fever is gripping the nation as a leading front-runner to original street style.  If you don’t know where to get the look you want register with and it’ll help you find the inspirational ideas you are looking for without breaking the bank. Supported by Hollywood A listers Vivvva is the go to look book to discover new style. If you consider yourself as stylista just create a profile and show other Vivvva’s how chic hot you are. I love this site! It is unique and fun and lets you be YOU! You can create your own styles, upload your own looks, upload looks that you discover on the street, express your creativity by uploading your own creations or those of your favorite designers. AND To exchange ideas, thoughts and to vote! So much fun and addicting! So, how do you Vivvva? Easy! Just visit … [Read more...]

Infant Nutrition Center Website Review

I have to tell all my Mom friends about this wonderful, educational website about Infant Nutrition. I love all the information given on it and the videos demonstrating everything. I encourage all Moms to take a peek and register for this site. You can watch the unveiling of the website HERE. About the site: A remarkable new website,, unveiling this Monday, October 19, will take us Moms on a unique and powerful visual journey through infant nutrition and development, with amazing visuals that reveal how proper nutrition shapes development and how individual nutrients affect the senses, bone formation, and the immune system of infants. Showcasing new data and 3-D images, the site lets you explore and learn the latest research findings through video, pictures, and graphics, in depth questions like why infant eyesight depends on getting enough DHA and what key nutrients contribute to the healthy growth of your child’s brain. Developed as a resource for … [Read more...]