Making My Blog The Best It Can Be

Every day I blog, I try my hardest to think of ways to improve my blog and content. I have looked back over the years (yep, I said YEARS, I have been blogging since 2008!!!), and think I have come a LONG ways from where I use to be. I want that to be a […] A New Retail Sales Search Engine

Now, hunting for sales is a thing of the past! With, a new local retail sales search engine. This is to help consumers who research online and purchase offline, with a geo-targeted one-stop sales site! “SaleLocator is an advocate for consumers looking for the best advertised and unadvertised promotions.” SaleLocator offers an average of […]

Top Ten Reasons Why I Stop Reading A Blog

What makes you leave a blog? Tell me, I want to know!

Another GREAT New Daily Deals Website: Plum District

Plum District is a new, daily deals website. Daily Deals websites are taking the internet by storm, and Plum District is one of them! Plum District features a mom-friendly deal every day, and they are GOOD deals! (I have only used them a few times and never experienced any problems…. This is MY experience with […]

Vivvva-Fashion Website Review

Sex and The City fans will be thrilled to know there is a new fashion web site for fashionistas to upload their looks, create new trends and celebrate looking fabulous! Vivvva fever is gripping the nation as a leading front-runner to original street style.  If you don’t know where to get the look you want […]

Infant Nutrition Center Website Review

I have to tell all my Mom friends about this wonderful, educational website about Infant Nutrition. I love all the information given on it and the videos demonstrating everything. I encourage all Moms to take a peek and register for this site. You can watch the unveiling of the website HERE. About the site: A […]

Gift Elephant "She Remembers So You Don’t Have To"

I came across this very new and exciting website called the “Gift Elephant“. It is a great website to help you organize and keep track of gifts you have given, to whom, if you sent out a thank you card and more! Say goodbye to all of those annoying post it notes and hello to […]

Trekaroo A Great New Travel Website

Trekaroo is a wonderful trip planning website that is designed specifically to help parents overcome the stress of traveling with kids. And oh how EVERY parent knows about the travel stress!!! Anything to ease that stress, and make traveling more “do-able” with the kiddos, is good in my book 😉 Trekaroo takes intuitive tools and […]

How Do I Subscribe To Your Website/Blog?

*This post includes my affiliate link How Do I Subscribe To Your Website/Blog?? It is so easy to subscribe to blogs and websites anymore! They use to make it quite hard, but now you just have to enter your email address and then confirm it through your email. That is it! To subscribe to my […]