Wordless Wednesday: “Scary Masks”

My son made his, LOL, and my daughter had me make hers… What do you think? FREAKY huh? Don’t mind my sons horribly messy shirt, he just ate some chocolate ice cream! The freaky part? They wore these masks ALL day long, LOL!

Wordless Wednesday: Silly Kids

Just Playing Around.. LOL.. Lovin’ on  My Girl..  

Wordless Wednesday: Little Brown Baby Bear

I have NO clue where my daughter found this, and why she has to have it EVERYWHERE she goes (just look in ALL my pictures of her in my blog posts, 9.5 times out of 10, her brown baby bear is in there somewhere too, LOL)…. but she absolutely LOVES this thing… And it fits […]

Wordless Wednesday with My Babies!

Aren’t they absolutely ADORABLE? I just can’t quit looking at them and lovin’ on them!!!! Can’t believe I made them (well, with a bit of help from the hubs…)  

Wordless Wednesday.. Hmmm..

My kids were playing REAL quietly in the back room. I went to go and see what they were doing and poor  Dora had pins in her eyes! UGH.. Because thumb tacks are super safe to play with!   P.S. I did not let my kids see me LMAO though, that would not be good… […]

Wordless Wednesday

A frequent visitor at our old home. Poor raccoon had no nose! One night she brought back her babies and they were swimming in my sons wading pool. HUGE splashes, LOL… I miss her… Kinda scary???

Soo Tired…

Eating a sucker REALLY tires one out apparently…

Look Who Showed Up On Our Front Porch…

This BIG doggy! Oh my goodness! I guess the neighbor lady saw someone in a white pickup truck just open the door and push him out! SHAME on that person!!! If I knew who that person was, I would slap them big time, up side that head of theirs! UGH. Anyways, he came down to […]

My Little Boy…

He Had The Flu 🙁

Wordless Wednesday: Little Pug Puppy :)

How cute is THIS? I mean, really….