Wuggle Pets Review! This Years Hottest Toy!

wuggle pets

My kids absolutely love creating things, from drawing and coloring to using clay to make things, they just love to create! The Wuggle Pets came in the mail for my kids and man they love this toy!! What is Wuggle Pets? Wuggle Pets is an adorable pet that your child gets to bring to life!! Think Build-a-Bear! They are fun-filled pets that your little ones will love to create! They are super easy to make and bring to life in no time! The Wuggle Pets kit comes with: Cuddly Puppy And Magical Unicorn Pets With Clip Attached 1 Fun Filled Factory 2 Bags of Fluffy Stuffing 12 Personality Charms Pet 2 Bags of Magic Dust 2 Birth Certificates 1 Zipper-Up Tool Everything you need to make two adorable and cuddly pets! Me and my kids had a BLAST and a half making their pets and we ARE getting more!! We are purchasing all of them because they are so much fun to make and have! All you do is pull the stuff out of the box, open the fun-filled factory lid and put in half of … [Read more...]