Who wouldn’t want permanent curling for their lashes??? And you can do this all at home! I read and researched all I could as I patiently waited for the kit to arrive.

You will need these things when you are using the lash lift kit:

*Cellophane *Qtips *A Towel


Here are my daughter’s eyelashes BEFORE we permed her lashes

Steps to Apply the Eyelash Lift Kit (Lash perm kit): Clean your eyelashes!

You will first need to clean off your eyelashes using the cleanser provided in the kit OR you can use your own oil-free cleanser making sure to wipe off any oils or dirt on your eyelids and eyelashes.

Pick Your Lift Pad Size!

Our kit came with several different lift pads to choose from. We choose the smallest one because it fit my daughter’s eyelids the best.

Add Adhesive!

This glue REEKS!! I am not kidding you! It smells like the Geysers at Yellowstone (my daughter said this!). So be prepared for the gross smell of the adhesive and have a window open!

More Adhesive!

Add more adhesive to the lift pad and then take the little lash comb (it looks nothing like a comb but okay…) and press your lashes up onto the lash pad making sure they are all sticking to the lash pad!

Time To Apply The Perm To Your Lashes!

This is important because if you put the perm solution on the full lashes,  you will risk the lashes becoming unglued to the lift pad, and then it is VERY irritating to get them to stick back in place!

Remove Perm Solution!

Make sure not to go all the way up with the Qtip, only wipe off where you put the perm solution which was at the lash line and middle of lashes.

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