Why not take a quick refresher on some fantastic drinks to serve at your holiday parties this season. They’re quick and easy and crowd-pleasing all at once, so it gives you some time back better spent mingling with your guests and enjoying yourself as well; after all, you deserve it, mama! 

Here is your Holiday Drink Guide for 2021!

The Caramel Apple Firebomb is easy to make – 3 ounces Fireball Whiskey, 1/2 ounce of caramel syrup, and 3 ounces organic apple juice. Add to a shaker with ice, and voila! If you’re feeling festive and fancy, add some cinnamon and sugar to the rim of the cup!

Start With A Bang!

Don’t forget the children this year and give them the gift of feeling like such “big kids” with their flutes of sparkling cider toasting Christmas or the New Year alongside the adults. It’s a fun experience for them and makes for cute photo opportunities as well!

Sparkling Cider

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link for about HOLIDAY DRINK GUIDE 2021