Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday And Save For Their Future!

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Is it really possible to celebrate your child’s birthday AND save for their future? You bet it is when you use BuyGiftSave!


Celebrate Your Child's Birthday And Save For Their Future!


What is BuyGiftSave?

In a nutshell, BuyGiftSave is an amazing site that helps you to organize your child’s birthday party by planning the event, making and sending out personalized invites, creating a registry with cool toys AND enter your bank info so your invitees can send money to your child! Genius!

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“Join BuyGiftSave.com For All Your Kid-Centric Celebrations Where A Registry Links To Child’s Savings Account To Bank On Their Future”




I was excited to try out this site. I created an event for my 4-year-old. First, I signed up for free, on BuyGiftSave (so easy to do and doesn’t take much time). Then I personalized the event by putting in my son’s name, the date when the event will be, selected gifts from the gift registry provided, that I thought he would like, added guests to the guest list and entering my bank info.

So Much Stuff!

Being a review blogger, my kids get a LOT of things throughout the year. So, we accumulate so much stuff! I often donate all of the stuff to my friends, family and those in need. I can’t stand lots of stuff hanging around! So when birthdays and holidays roll around, I tell friends and family to either get my kids something small, clothes or just a gift card. Now that I know about BuyGiftSave, I can put together an event easily, and recommend this site to my family and friends. Finally, my kids will get something small that they liked and the rest of the money will go to savings for their future!




Give A Gift

If you are the gift giver and are invited to an event, then it is time to follow the unique URL to the event from the invite you received. Once at the site, it will ask you if you will be attending the event, not able to go or would still like to send a gift. You choose which one you want to do then it will bring you to another screen.




If you decided to go to the even or send a gift,  it will bring you to a page where you can set your budget. From $20-50 (or you can set your own), you can choose your budget.




Once your budget is chose, you then skim through the registry to see which toys/products were chosen for this child. Choose a product (they are all priced so low!!) and once you choose the product, the remainder of the money/budget will go to the child’s savings account!





What About Bigger Kids?

Yep, there is something for every child, big or small, at BuyGiftSave! For bigger kids, you can create an event and the invitees can purchase the child an iTunes Gift Card or a Google Play Gift Card. Don’t want to buy those? Then donate to them for their future! Or, go in on a bigger gift with several other invitees by adding to the crowd-funded gift! Lots to choose from!





Here is a ‘Crowd Funded’ Gift I created for my son’s event. Anyone can donate to it! You can do this for bigger kids too!


BuyGiftSave Crowd Funded Gift


There are so many benefits from using this great site. They answer any questions on their site. You can find the answers to your questions under their FAQ section. Now gift givers no longer have to worry if the child they are giving to will like their gift or not. All the gifts have been preselected by the parents (or child), so you know you are getting something the child wants. But, I think the best part of all of this is that the gift givers can feel good knowing they are helping contribute to that child’s future!

Any Fees I Should Know About?

To make this as stress-free as possible, there is no fee charged to parents/host. The gift givers are charged $4.99 as a processing and convenience charge, a small price to pay for eliminating guesswork, a trip to the toy store and helping a beloved child save for their future! That’s it!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have a birthday party for a child coming up or a fun event, I recommend at least checking out BuyGiftSave. What can it hurt to take a quick peek? Sign up for free and start your event today! Take the stress and guesswork out of gift giving and start saving for your child’s future too!

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  1. Victoria Scott says:

    This is such a cool concept – I have 3 kids and a lot of my friends hand down their stuff to us, which I am so thankful for! When birthdays come around, they really don’t need or want for much, so this would be such a great thing to sign them up for!

  2. Dana MATTHEWS says:

    This is so neat! Great idea, very unique idea. I could see me using this!

  3. I will have to look into this. Sounds like an interesting idea

  4. This is such a cool idea!

  5. christina moore says:

    Great plan thank you for sharing

  6. BuyGiftSave does sound very unique! I would have liked to try it when my children were younger.

  7. This is a unique plan that can result in smart gift giving.

  8. This is an interesting concept that would certainly be helpful for parents.

  9. Judy Thompson says:

    theses things are so cute

  10. Diane Mania says:

    Interest stuff…..thanks

  11. Super cool and innovative idea and site! I don’t have children myself, but this would be a great tool for my sister! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I think this is a cool web site would love to win. Thank you for the chance???

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