SingleCare makes healthy choices more affordable

*SingleCare makes healthy choices more affordable to you. Even though this is a sponsored post, opinions are all mine. I hope that SingleCare can help you! Do you have health insurance? My hubby and I do not. So everything is out-of-pocket cost and that can be SO expensive. That is why we both put off […]

Oralcryst Junior: Oral Care Candy Review & 10 Giveaways!!!!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO: *1. SANDY *34. Susan H. * 52. Hesper Fry *4. barb g *39. Anna *61. Mindi *54. joanne major *56. Terri L *28. Angie Bailey *44. CardioBuuny   Ever have a super hard time getting your little ones to brush their teeth, let alone brush them for the amount of […]