Monkey Mat: Portable Travel Picnic And Play Mat (Review & Discount Code!)

Warm weather is here! Woot! I am sooo  happy about this and so are my kids! That means more time outside, enjoying nature. With a baby though, I need a good place to set baby when we do venture outside. I don’t want to always carry around a swing or chair, no way! So I […]

Festive Holiday Nursing Collection from Leading Lady (Review and Discount Code!)

Since being pregnant and coming to the end of my pregnancy, I have been slowly but surely getting things prepared for this baby’s arrival. Lots of stuff to do still, but I have made some leeway! Yay! One of the things I really  needed was a very comfy nursing bra or two, as I have […]

Bassbuds Review And Coupon Code!!

Are you looking for some really nice looking, high performance in-ear headphones with a hands free mic and MP3 controller?? I know it is a mouthful, but are you looking for that sort of thing for your loved ones for Christmas? Then you should check out the very stylish and trendy Bassbuds! These babies are […]

Marika Miracles Slimming Capri!

Are on the lookout for a slimmer tummy and body controling capri? I know I was! The Marika Miracles Slimming Capri was my answer to help me with my problem areas, or should I say help me HIDE my problem areas! This slimming, tummy control capri does it all. It features a comfortable, power mesh […]

My Shoe Connection Review And Coupon Code

I love a great pair of shoes, but in the winter time, it is all about those fashionable boots! I have all sorts of cute pairs of those, but recently I received another really cute pair from My Shoe Connection! My Shoe Connection has really cute, fashionable and trendy shoes for all occasions. Think Prom […]

Playful Threads Babydoll Dress Review and Coupon Code!

**FOR ADULTS ONLY!!!** Having lingerie as part of me and my husbands “playtime” is just nonexistent anymore. With two kids, even finding time to be together is so hard! I know every parent has been through that one time or another! And when we do have time, it is not very spicy. That is where […]

$20 Discount code off $20 or More At eShakti Clothing!!

For whoever is interested, you can use this discount code at checkout: SFKHOP Valid till Christmas day!!!! So get to shoppin’!! Link: You can use this $20 discount towards anything on their site, even if it is $20!!! Not bad! Cheap Christmas present! Enjoy!

Danielson Designs Review & Coupon Code!!!

I really love adorable decor for my home, especially my children’s rooms. When I came across Danielson Designs I was not only loving the designs of the signs but of the prices too! Affordable, cute and my style! I got to go to their website and pick out a sign I really liked, and personalize […]

PurBliss 100% Soy Candles Review, Discount Code & A Giveaway!!!!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO KRISTY, COMMENT #3!!!! Oh how I absolutely LOVE candles!!! I always have one lit, and now that the colder weather is on its way and the evenings are becoming darker quicker, is just another excuse for me to light them up! I love the glow they give off and comfort […]