Happy Feet Two: The Videogame (Giveaway!)

happy feet two the videogame for wii

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Pauline M #1044!! Woohoo! On Tuesday, November 8th Happy Feet Two, the videogame, will be available in stores everywhere! This will be available on Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Now, if you don't know much about this game, let me explain it to you.. This is a musical adventure game great for the whole family! Even grandma can do it!! Woot! This is inspired by the whimsical Antarctic world of the upcoming animated film Happy Feet Two.  In the game, new dangers are threatening the penguin nation, and it’s going to take everyone working – and dancing – together to save them all from extinction.  Players use dance moves to recruit penguins with unique abilities that help advance the adventure, stun opponents and enemies, as well as manipulate the environment around them to solve co-operative puzzles. Sounds like a blast to me!! Buy You can pre-order this online at Amazon.com Win! One lucky person … [Read more...]

Wii Adventure Game: Go Vacation (Review)

Go Vacation Wii Game

  My son is just getting started playing video games. Though his time is limited on playing games, he just loves to be able to play them from time to time! We recently received a new game called Go Vacation from NAMCO BANDAI Games America It is a Wii Adventure game and my 5-year-old just loves it. Now,  he can't really play this alone, as I have to read what it says to him, but everything else on the game, he knows how to do! From skateboarding and rollerblading to surfing and boating! It is so adventure filled and lots of fun. I enjoy watching him play it! My son also wanted me to tell you all that you can make friends too! And once you are friends with them, they will follow you everywhere  and copy what you do! In real life, that would be annoying, but playing the game it is fun! My sons favorite parts of this game are finding new friends and skating, those are his exact words :) He is always asking me if he can play it, and when he gets to, it is … [Read more...]

Active Life Explorer Bundle Pack

active life explorer

Just because it is cold, wet and maybe snowy outside, does not mean that you forget about getting active altogether! With the Active Life Explorer Game for the Wii, you can stay active all year round :) True to its name, the game challenges players to get off the couch and get active as they outrun trains, seek out treasures, stomp on alligator heads and a number of other fun activities! Just grab that Wii controller and the Active Life mat controller to take on the role of treasure hunter and explore exotic locales! Or, stop a get-a-way train, catch a bandit on horseback, run across a falling bridge, explore a dark mine cart and MORE!! This is a very fun family game that is sure to get your heart pumping and everyone up and active! *Multiple modes of game play *Tons of places to explore *Fun for the whole family (play up to 4 players!) *Active Life Mat allows you to literally jump right into the game! So much fun!! Namco Bandai’s family-friendly Wii game, Active … [Read more...]

Sesame Street: Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure Wii Game


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Anne Brooks #25 Gotta love Elmo, but gotta love him more in a Wii game!! Talk about fun times when you pop this game into the Wii console. My kids AND me have a blast playing it!! Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure is fun, engaging and teaches your kids too! All wrapped up into one! SCORE! Now, young kids and parents can learn and play video games together with their favorite characters from Sesame Street! The game encourages early math and literacy skills that engage preschoolers in a fun and exciting way. This enables them to learn at their own pace with easy tools for parents to guide them through their experiences. In Sesame Street Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure, kids head to the zoo with Elmo, Zoe and their animal friends, as they explore games based on a variety of literacy skills, including letter identification, letter sounds and word families. Kids can also explore exciting zoo habitats including the Aquarium, Savanna, … [Read more...]