10 Etsy Valentine’s Day Gifts

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♥Valentine’s Day♥ is a favorite of mine!!! How about you? I love receiving goodies and flowers 🙂 I found some great gifts on Etsy Valentine’s Day Gifts, that are unique and great for giving to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day! Enjoy and happy shopping!


Etsy Valentines Day Gifts Hugs and Kisses Sterling Silver handmade necklace from EtsyBeautiful and simple sterling silver hugs and kiss necklace Retails for $41.00 Purchase At Piano Bench Designs

cinnamon chocolate hearts

Saigon Cinnamon Chocolate Hearts $7.50 Buy: Calabasas Candy Co.

handmade love sign for valentines day from etsy

Pink Love Print $15.95 Buy: The Apple’s Bee

handmade love sachet from etsy

Botanical Love Sachet $17.00 Buy: gardenmis

knitted gloves on etsy

Pink Fingerless Crocket Gloves $37.00 Buy: Mucar

eternity leather handmade cuffs on etsy

Infinity Love Hidden Message Cuff $22.00 Buy: C.Johanesen Studio

Valentines Day Dog Hat on Etsy

LOL! Soo cute! Dog Hat Sweetheart Be Mine $16.00 Buy: Sweethoots

bath time salts handmade from etsyBedtime Bath Salts Aromatherapy for Kids $6.99 Buy: Wild Rose Herbs

be handmade sign from etsy

Be Rustic Red Sign $45.00 Buy: Old New Again

Love Knot Chocolate Heart Leather Bracelet

Love Knot Chocolate Heart Leather Bracelet $77.00 Buy: Tangra

SO many Etsy Valentine’s Day Gifts to choose from! Etsy has so many talented people! I love browsing all the awesome things that people make! So cool. I can’t believe I am thinking of Valentine’s Day when Christmas and New Year just passed. Gah. Where on earth does the time go?

Are you thinking of Valentine’s Day? Are you planning anything special? My husband and I will probably go to dinner but take the kids. Since moving, we don’t really have anyone to watch our kids, so that is okay. We will all go out as a family!

What Are You Planning For Valentine’s Day?


  1. I love that hugs and kiss necklace and of course any of the sweets! Love Etsy:)

  2. I love the things on etsy so I’m not surprised they also have great valentines day things.

  3. Great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such cute things. Those fingerless gloves are so fun!

  5. These are GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Thanks for some great ideas. I can spend hours on etsy so this really helps me be more focused!

  7. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    Thank you! This stuff is so cute!

  8. I adore those Infinity Cuffs SO very much! Perfect gift choices

  9. Etsy is just full of some amazing things! I can’t believe how talented some people are!

  10. Everything is just so cute!

  11. Those are all so cute! I love Etsy.

  12. OMG I love the puppy hat, that is too cute

  13. Love this list. I like the first necklace!

  14. The love sachet is lovely!

  15. I love all of them. But that first necklace and last bracelet are both so beautiful. The goodies look so good too though. 😀

  16. Adorable stuff!

  17. I love those cuffs, and that dog is cracking me up!

  18. Those are all so cute. I love etsy. I could go poor on there.

  19. Awwww, I want that pug!

  20. Everything is so pretty, but my favorite is the infinity cuffs!

  21. I really like the first picture and the last one. Those two are so pretty!

  22. These are all such great ideas!

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