What Is The Best Part Of Waking Up?

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I am NOT a morning person, never have been, never will be. BUT, I can make it more pleasant for myself (and the people around me), by brewing some Folgers Coffee.

What is the best part of waking up, if you are not a morning person? Why Folgers Coffee, duh! You know that song, right? The Folgers jingle? You know: ‘The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Folgers In Your Cup!‘ Yep, that jingle! Kind of a memorable jingle and not one you could forget easily.

This fun, iconic Folgers Jingle has become a piece of pop culture with its catchy and fun tune! Many generations have heard this tune and often times find themselves singing along with it.

Guess what? Folgers is inviting aspiring musicians to embrace the well-known Folgers tune and make it their very own! Let me explain!

This year, Folgers has teamed up with country music singer/songwriter, Chris Young, to encourage aspiring musicians to create their own version of the iconic  ‘The Best Part Of Waking Up’ jingle in the Folgers Jingle Contest! How fun!

It is so easy and FUN to enter! All you have to do is create and submit a video of your best version of the Folgers jingle, on their website from January 30th through February 27th! Your version of the Folgers jingle must include the complete melody and lyrics of ‘The Best Part of Wakin’ Up is Folgers in Your Cup’.

Between February 27th and March 19th, Folgers will choose 5 semi-finalists and each one will have a mentor session with Chris Young before the online voting begins!

Then, from March 27th through April 24th everyone around the country will get the chance to vote daily for their favorite video/jingle. Try to get as many votes as you can, if you are one of the 5 semi-finalists because each vote will automatically enter you to win prizes up to $10,000!

And last but certainly not least, in May, one extremely lucky winner will be selected to win the grand prize of $25,000!! Talk about a prize worth winning!!! Whoa!


I encourage all of you to enter this contest and share it with your friends and family so they can enter too! The prizes are amazing, aren’t they?? Who couldn’t use an extra $25,000?! GAH!

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Will You Be Entering This Fun Contest?








  1. monique s says:

    looks fun, but I lack all musical talent, so it would not be fun for listeners…lol

  2. I wish I could but I’m not that talented . I sent information about it to my brother, he should try and enter.

  3. Jennifer H. says:

    I love that jingle!

  4. Katie Bellamy says:

    Not that talented to enter! But I love to drink Folgers! 🙂 😉

  5. I wish I could but I’m not that talented or creative. Rosanne

  6. I’ll be sure to vote.

  7. no I’m not very musical

  8. Audrey Stewart says:

    My husband is racking his brain trying to think of something.

  9. Jenny Willis says:

    This looks like a awesome contest.

  10. I’m not much of a singer or songwriter but I’ll share this fun contest!

  11. I am a morning person! This really would be a fun contest to try.

  12. Gary w Dell says:

    this looks like great fun

  13. I won’t be entering lol.

  14. I don’t think I’ll enter, but it looks like fun!

  15. I will not be entering

  16. I will not be entering but i will encourage my daughters to enter as they do have some musical talent

  17. Angela Ingles says:

    I won’t be entering, but it sounds like fun!

  18. Cindy Peterson says:

    I won’t be entering the contest but I really enjoying hearing and voting on the finalists.

  19. I can not live without my coffee. This contest seems fun!

  20. Debbie Welchert says:

    I won’t be entering but I have to tell you Folgers Coffee is like a family tradition in our house. My dad drank it, I drink it and now my daughter drinks it. Now I will have to wait and see if any of my grandchildren drink it.

  21. bethelderton says:

    I am also NOT a morning person! A hot cup of coffee first thing is better for me and anyone around me. I asked my husband about this contest as he has the talent…not even coffee helps me sing better 🙂
    Mary Beth Elderton

  22. This sounds like a lot of fun, but I won’t be entering because I can’t sing. My favorite part of waking up is having my coffee. There are so many morning while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew that this jingle pops in to my head.

  23. I don’t drink Coffee but this is cool

  24. Michele Cupp says:

    No not me, I don’t even karaoke!

  25. tat2gurlzrock says:

    I won’t be entering but this is a great contest!

  26. I wont be entering but I am interested in what folks come up with.

  27. Victoria Scott says:

    I wish I could carry a tune!

  28. What a wonderful contest! Great for creative folks, which isn’t me but I’ll look forward to seeing what people do.

  29. Michelle Castagne says:

    Sounds like a fun contest for coffee drinkers.

  30. Im not going to enter ,but I do love my coffee in the morning!

  31. Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing

  32. I am not a coffee drinker, but this is a jingle we have known and loved for years.

  33. Catherine Lewis says:

    I remember this song well. I have heard it for years. I love drinking coffee in the morning!

  34. I don’t think I will enter, but coffee is definitely on of the best parts of waking up.

  35. What a great contest! Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

  36. This would be fun to do with my fiancé. He is the major coffee drinker out of the two of us.

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