InJoy Artistry: Personalized Art Gifts for Babies and Children

Congrats to Tearsa D Keith *Product received. Opinions are mine. So, I am trying my hardest to decorate my home with nice things. I am working first on the bathrooms as they seem like they would be the easiest to work on. The walls in my bathrooms are bare and need painting. I am going to […]


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO LaTanya Thornhill #1192!!   If you are ever in search for baby shower gift ideas or unique and/or unusual gifts, you should check out UncommonGoods. They have a HUGE selection of off the wall gifts, unique gifts and certainly some unusual gifts! I could spend an hour or two on that site! […]

Diaper CakeWalk: Unique Diaper Cakes & New Baby Gifts

Finding a gift for a mom-to-be can be hard. You don’t want to give them a useless item and you don’t want to overdo it either! There are all sorts of things you can get for a mom-to-be, but the best gift I can think of is an adorable and unique baby diaper cake! You […]

Lollipop Moon: Unique Baby Gifts, Trendy Baby Clothes and More!

      Lollipop Moon: Unique Baby Gifts, Trendy Baby Clothes and More! I am so glad that I found out about Lollipop Moon! Oh my goodness, they have the cutest things! I am sure there was a time (or many) where you wanted to find that “standout” piece of clothing for your adorable little […]

Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit and Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Mickey Coutts #128!! When you have a baby, there are essentials that most parents cannot live without. Like diapers, diaper rash cream, thermometers, warm blankets and more. I mean, diapers are a given, but would most new parents know to have the rest on hand? I know when I had […]