Ways to Maintain Your Youthful Look

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Far too many people consign themselves to looking old when there’s simply no need too. Aging gracefully seems to be a thing of the past, with some resorting to botched plastic surgery and excessive makeup.

Truth is there are natural ways to Maintain Your Youthful Look; the best thing about these methods is that your resulting supple, youthful appearance is indicative of excellent underlying health. What follows are a handful of methods to help you restore or maintain your skin’s natural radiance, your body’s ability to fight disease, and even ways to strengthen and beautify your hair. As you may have guesses, much of it starts with nutrition.

Ways to Maintain Your Youthful Look

Your Skin: The First Line of Defense against Toxins

You probably aren’t used to thinking of your skin as a barrier; but it is exactly that. It takes all that the sun has to dish out, all that the millions of bacteria trying to get inside you have, and keeps on ticking. Unfortunately, your skin rarely gets away unscathed; however, the consumption of healthy food helps bolster its defenses.

Any fresh berry does wonders for your skin, because the antioxidants destroy the disease-causing free radicals that would otherwise run amok. Apples, pomegranates and oranges are veritable super-fruits in so far as skin health is concerned. Anything with omega 3 fatty acids, iron and zinc will also have a positive effect on your skin, hair and overall health.

If you want to step it up even further, try skin creams that contain retinol; this ingredient actually helps the body produce healthy skin cells, which will replace the dead ones that can cast pallor on your appearance. In fact, products that contain the unique combination of healing salts from the Dead Sea are known to be incredibly effective for certain skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.


Hair Care and Accentuation

Let’s face it: we all (both men and women, in fact) feel more confident when our hair is well-done. Keeping your hair healthy is also based largely on nutrition, after which you can accentuate it with hair extensions in the same vein as your favorite celebrity, or for a look that’s a mishmash of different styles. But before using some of the choice accessories from the International Hair Company, you can follow the following few tips:

  • drink plenty of water each day – up to 12 glasses; but no fewer than 8 to strengthen your hair by providing moisture
  • perform a protein-based treatment every couple of months for added strength to the base of your hair
  • this may sound surprising, but moderate to intense exercise is actually quite good for your hair – and, of course, body in general
  • use shampoo wisely; go section-by-section when applying it to your hair in order to minimize breakage and tangles

The above will help ensure that your hair is strong, healthy and primed for further enhancements. One of the most overlooked things you can do is to infuse it with vitamins; this helps many of your body’s functions, in fact. Skin and hair that lacks zinc and vitamin C tends to be weak and lacks a youthful luster.

What Do You Do To Maintain A Youthful Look?


  1. Shakeia Rieux says:

    These tips are very helpful!I never knew that shampooing my hair section-by-section would minimize breakage and tangles.This is definitely something I will be doing

  2. Thanks for the great post. Very useful tips to keep healthy!

  3. I wonder how moderate to intense exercise can help keep hair more youthful!

  4. I do try to exercise on a daily basis and eat good foods but that is a challenge at this time of year.

  5. Great tips! I try to eat fresh fruit and drink lots of water every day for my general well-being; glad to learn that I’m also helping my skin and hair!

  6. I swim 3 times a week and drink lots of water and eat good food.

    slehan at juno dot com

  7. Hmm didn’t think about exercise being good for my hair before!

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