Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts You Will Love

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, my mind is all about that day of love! In fact, I have been very busy searching for handmade Valentine’s Day gifts you will love! ♥

I, of course, love Etsy and so that is where I go for inspiration and to find these handmade Valentine’s Day gifts! I can’t believe the skill and talent these artists have, to create such beautiful things! If only I could do that too! Sigh.


Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts You Will Love


Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts You Will Love!


Rustic Wood Heart by ShineBoxPrimitives

Rustic Wood Hearts


Valentine’s Day Garland by MailboxHappiness

Valentine's Day Garland


Tulip Heart Wreath by ElegantWreath

Tulip Heart Wreath


Baby Girl 1st Valentine’s Day Outfit by Chic Couture Boutique

Baby Girl 1st Valentine's Day Outfit


Pink Glowing Necklace by EpicGlows

Pink Glowing Necklace


Valentine’s Day Coconut Milk Soap by TexasBathShop

Valentine's Day Coconut Milk Soap


‘I Love Us’ Burlap Pillow by Burlap Heart Strings

I love us burlap pillow


Cotton Candy Whipped Body Butter by Soapaucity

Sugary Sweet Whipped Cotton Candy Body Butter


Cookie Bomb Gift Basket by Estella Grace USA

Cookie Bomb Gift Basket


Winnie the Pooh Quote Print by Simple Serene

Winnie The Pooh Quote Print


I Want To Kiss Your Face So Hard Card by KatieVaz

I want to kiss your face so hard card


How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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  1. The tulup heart wreath is amazing! So beautiful!

  2. Homemade gifts are so heartfelt and just have an extra special touch to them. I am loving that wreath and the burlap pillow.

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