The Easiest Christmas Tree You’ll Ever Set Up & Take Down!

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I first want to say that yes, I put up our Christmas tree yesterday! This is the earliest I have ever put up a tree, but I love Christmastime so much that I really wanted to make the season last a bit longer 🙂 And yes, my 8-year-old and 3-year-old decorated the tree that is why there is only ornaments on the bottom 🙂

Fake Christmas Tree

Every year, putting up our Christmas tree has been nothing close to fun. It is a chore each year. We used to do real Christmas trees but decided to recently switch to fake trees because it was supposed to be easier. Boy were we wrong!

The Easiest Christmas Tree You’ll Ever Set Up & Take Down!

Until this year, did we find a Christmas tree that was so easy to assemble, it was insane. My hubby literally put up our faux Christmas tree in under 30 minutes AND a three-year-old was helping him, LOL. So that says a lot about how easy it is to put up the ULTIMA Christmas tree!

ULTIMA Fake Tree

The ULTIMA tree is seriously the easiest Christmas tree you’ll ever set up & take down! And, it comes prelit so you don’t have to deal with the Christmas lights being tangled up or one not working right. It is already  right out of the box.

The ULTIMA tree has 10 lightweight sections. This makes the sections much lighter, less bulky and quite fun to assemble. Each section weighs less than 9 pounds. Once you have your tree assembled, you just move around the boughs to make them look ‘poofy’ and filled out. My 10-year-old did this for me and did a good job!

ULTIMA Christmas Tree Fake

This tree is tall too! It is 7.5 feet tall! And the lights! Oh, those beautiful, twinkling, colorful lights!!! I LOVE the lights! The ULTIMA™ tree has 680 energy-saving LED lights which go from clear to multi-color to nine different patterns with just the touch of a button! Oh my goodness, last night I just sat in my living room and stared at my tree. It was SO comforting and soothing to watch the lights twinkle and blink! Oh, how I love  Christmas time!

Wrap & Strap™ Storage System

The ULTIMA™ Tree was designed with storage in mind. Wrap & Strap™ protects and gently compresses the branches and extends the life of the storage box. Each section has its own Wrap & Strap.™ The inner trays of the storage box make packing and unpacking a breeze. So, when Christmas is over, and the tree has to come down, I don’t have to dread putting it away. Everything is numbered and has its own spot!

ULTIMA Fake Christmas Tree Review and Coupon Code

ULTIMA™ 7.5FT Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

  • Featherweight™ Sections less than 9 pounds each makes assembly and shaping easier
  • Center LED lights provide an ornament- enhancing glow
  • Wrap & Strap™ System makes storage a breeze
  • Quick-Connect system to eliminate the plug hunt while minimizing wire visibility from branch to branch
  • Fully illuminated with 680 multi-functional LED lights, ULTIMA™ can go from clear to multicolor with the press of a button


If you want to learn more about the ULTIMA Tree or would like to purchase it, please visit them online at or It retails for $499.00 and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Coupon Code!

Grab your coupon code:  ShopMomma for free shipping of your ULTIMA Tree! Offer ends November 31st and is good for the ULTIMA site only.

Which Do You Prefer, A Fake Tree Or A Real Tree?



  1. Very pretty trees.

  2. These all look like very great trees. I appreciate the review on a fine line of trees for the holidays.

  3. I like a fake tree it really bugs me to have a real one because I know some dont replant. I love the smell of reaal but there r fragrances you can use now.

  4. Richard Hicks says:

    It sure turned out to look very nice. I prefer fake trees because it saves money in the long run and less mess.

  5. melody hodge says:

    Wow, this looks really easy to put up and pack away. I wish we could get an artificial tree but my kids love real trees. I’ll have to wait until they are all grown and on their own.

  6. Buddy Garrett says:

    I prefer a real tree but my wife prefers an artificial tree.

  7. my3sons33 Lisa Carr says:

    This is pretty cool. We get a real tree every year. My husband and I were discussing the thought of getting an artificial tree this year. I will keep this one in mind, thanks!

  8. Paula Tavernie says:

    These are beautiful!!!

  9. We usually get a real tree but they are so messy especially when you are like me and forget to water them..This sounds like a plan!

  10. Your tree looks beautiful!

  11. Hesper Fry says:

    I like the fake trees better, No shedding of pine needles or worrying about a fire hazard.

  12. accontests6 says:

    I prefer a fake tree.

  13. My husband is allergic so we have to have a fake tree. I hate putting it together, but love not spending the money on something we would throw away every year.

  14. The ULTIMA tree is lovely and wonderful. I would like a pretty easy tree like this.

  15. What a pretty tree! Happy holidays 🙂

  16. I prefer a fake tree because it is easier to clean up.

  17. Debbie Welchert says:

    Your tree looks just beautiful. My daughter wants to get a new tree this year and this one looks and sounds so perfect.

  18. I prefer a fake tree.

  19. marilynnawara says:

    I’ve had fake trees for the last 25 years… it’s much cleaner, easier and over time I’ve saved money.

  20. Genevieve Larson says:

    I like a fake tree as it’s more economical.

  21. I prefer a fake tree because I can reuse it and it is much less messy.

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