Learn To Play The Ukulele! Why Not!

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The first of the year is when many people are trying to write down and create their New Year’s resolutions. So, that is what I am trying to do, but I am a bit late. I am just now sitting down and creating my ‘to do this year‘ resolution list.

One of the things on my list is to have my kids learn to play the Ukulele. They are playing it at their school and for their school programs and they always come home sad, because they can’t play the Ukulele as good as some other students. So, we will learn to play the Ukulele! Why not!

Learn to Play the ukulele!

Ukuleles are a string instrument made from a hollow soundboard and four strings. They look like a mini guitar and that is why my kids like them so much! They have an hourglass base and a fingerboard neck. Often, ukulele manufacturers make the strings from stainless steel or nylon, and the instrument’s tuning should be (in order) the notes of G, C, E, and A.

learn to play the ukulele

Ukuleles are super fun to play and that is why I and my kids are so interested in learning to play them! Do you know how to play one? We have to find a good one. One that will last and look good too.

So first, I have to find a good one to buy my kids, so that they can have a Ukulele at home, to practice on. I have been looking on Amazon.com and came across a few, inexpensive, but good ones like the Hricane Soprano 21inch Professional Ukulele Small Guitar Pack with Gig Bag.

I like that it comes with a bag to carry your Ukulele in and the bag has a removable shoulder strap. That way, my kids could take their Ukulele on the road with them. Brilliant!

learn to play the ukulele

This particular Ukulele has a beautiful, Mahogany body and neck which is supposed to bring you a richer sound. Thought that was interesting. The Rosewood Fingerboard and bridge provide comfort while playing.

This  Ukulele has 4 nylon strings that help protect your fingers while also giving you a clear sound that is perfect for Jazz, Classical or any other music styles you choose. I can also buy the Hricane Soprano 21inch Professional Ukulele Small Guitar in the Soprano 21″ or the Concert 21″. I have to figure out what that even means, first though! Do you know what that means?


To check out and purchase the Hricane Soprano 21inch Professional Ukulele Small Guitar Pack with Gig Bag, please check it out online on Amazon.com. It retails for only $59.99 on sale right now from $119.00!!

Do You Know How To Play The Ukulele? Do You Own One?






  1. Mary Gardner says:

    I do not know how to play the Ukulele but my daughter has a brand new one way back in the back of the closet. Maybe we should pull it out and get started!

  2. I don’t know how to play. When I see one I always think of Hawaii for some unk reason. I think my daughter would enjoy it!

  3. Rochelle Viloria says:

    My husband plays the ukulele he would love this for our son!

  4. I do not play but both of my daughters do

  5. Dana MATTHEWS says:

    I have no idea what Concert 21 is! Beautiful instrument tho and I can imagine your kids will enjoy learning to play!

  6. Heather Dawn says:

    I don’t have any clue how to play the ukulele but we do have a Fender Ukulele in storage!

  7. I don’t know how to play… I don’t have the patience haha.

  8. My son really wants to learn to play

  9. It’s wonderful learning to play an instrument. What a unique choice in the ukelele.

  10. Learning to play an instrument sounds fun.

  11. Do not know how to play the ukulele but think it would be a fun instrument to learn.

  12. (Learn To Play The Ukulele! Why Not!) I could probably not play this if I even tried my hardest. My son’s play more instruments then I ever did.

  13. We love the ukulele! We have a soprano that my husband and I play around with and our daughter has one as well. None of us are very good, but it’s a lot of fun! This is such a pretty instrument! I love but the wood!

  14. vickie couturier says:

    no i dont play or own one but that would be a neat hobby to pick up

  15. We got my son a ukulele for Christmas and he has been playing it nonstop!

  16. I just bought my m daughter one for Christmas. She caught me by surprise asking for one. She has been practicing every day.

  17. Neat! I know someone who plays the ukulele. Lots of fun!

  18. I want all my granddaughters to play a instrument.

  19. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I think this would be so much fun for the kids and adults. I would like one of these for us here.

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