What Should I Put In Baby’s First Easter Basket? (Giveaway!)


CONGRATS TO Liz Lew When my little ones had their first Easter, I just put together cute little Easter baskets for them. Nothing too extravagant, but just simple things that they could use. Maybe a rattle, stuffed animal, pacifiers, teether ring or little snuggly blankie. But sometimes it would have been nice to have a list to go by or ideas to go by. So, MAM has three essential products, to put in baby's first Easter Basket! MAM’s Oral Care Rabbit (So dang CUTE!) Bunny Start Pacifiers 9 oz Anti-Colic Bottles   Totally cute, right?! I know!!! My little one is teething like crazy. He has two bottom teeth with another one coming in and two top teeth with another breaking through! Poor little love chews on everything! So he will definitely be getting a teether in his Easter basket this year!  Buy For more information about MAM products and to buy them, please visit them online at http://www.mambaby.com/us/ Win One person will win the following … [Read more...]

Colief® Infant Drops: Less Colic, More ‘We’ Time!

colief infant drops

Since giving birth to my sweet baby boy, he has been really fussy. None of my other two kids were like this, when they were newborn. They were quiet babies. But, this newest little one is FUSSY :)   Especially when he was first-born. Wow. I was shocked at how much a new baby could scream and cry. It made me feel inadequate as his mother. It made me sad and hurt that I could not calm him like I was trying to do! So, of course, I got online, asked other mothers and then did some more research on my own. What did I come up with? You can see that below: Take milk out of my diet Don't drink so much soda pop (hey now!) Stop drinking coffee (Oh gosh..) Gripe Water Works Wonders Make sure to burp baby, A LOT. And MANY more things... But nothing was really working! The Gripe Water worked some, but not for long. I tried it all, or so I thought, and I was getting frustrated beyond belief, with myself :( Could this be the dreaded colic??? I heard of a blogger … [Read more...]

Got Colic? Qualify For Online Study & Get $100 Babies R Us Gift Card!

This was in my inbox this morning and since I don't qualify, maybe one of you do! Enjoy! Current Colic Research for $100 If you are currently experiencing colic with a newborn (0-10 weeks), and you thought there couldn't possibly be a benefit to such an experience, we are hear to prove you wrong!  We are looking for moms and dads knee-deep in colic to participate in a study involving trial of a new kind of bottle meant to help with colic.  You'll also receive a $100 Babies R Us gift card for participating (in addition to getting to keep the bottles).  If this sounds like you (or someone you know) sign up here … [Read more...]