S-Factor Diamond Dreams Shampoo & Conditioner By TIGI (Review)

Holy heavens, talk about a NICE smelling shampoo and conditioner! The S-Factor Diamond Dreams Shampoo & Conditioner By TIGI will make your hair smell absolutely delicious! And, it is infused with diamonds, cashmere and pearls! For real!!!!! I received the shampoo and conditioner to try out and I am so glad I did. You never […]

Nourish and Moisturize Your Hair with VO5 Hair Care Products! (Review)

Summer is gone for the most part (sob!) and your hair is more than likely left, dry and lifeless, right? Mine is terribly dry, but I think that is because I highlight it so dang often.. VO5 has some great new hair care products out, that will help get your strands back to the vibrant […]

Royal Wedding Worthy Hair

  With Kate and Prince William’s wedding QUICKLY approaching, young women all over the world, have been paying very close attention to Kate’s look, mimicking her hair, makeup and style choices. Though her expensive style choices, jewelry and fiance may be hard to find, you can still achieve Kate’s gorgeous hair with two easy steps, clean […]

Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Hair Care Collection Review

My hair is thick and can get so dry, especially after I highlight it! Ugh. I have used many, many hair care products and some work really well and others not so much. I recently got to try out Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Shampoo and conditioner. I received the Color Protection Shampoo for Multi-Tonal and […]

Nick Chavez Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling Gel Review

  Nick Chavez believes in inner glamour. ” Beauty is about not asking permission, not making second guesses, and not apologizing.  Beauty is about pure indulgence” Every woman EVERYWHERE has the right to glamorous, thick, sensuous, vibrant, drama-free hair. Don’t you think? I DO. And Nick Chavez has some awesome products that will make this […]

Clear Poreformance Shampoo and Conditioner Review & Chance to Win a Year Supply!

Clear Poreformance is a great new hair and skin care line for oily and/or acne prone skin AND scalp! Yep, for your scalp too! I had to try this out for myself, though I don’t have acne on my scalp, eww, I do have oily hair at the roots. I received the Clear Poreformance shampoo […]

Mother’s Day Giveaway! Head Organics TWO Winner’s!

My hair takes a lot to make it look good. It takes the right conditioner, hair spray, shampoo and styling products. My hair is very thick and has wave to it, not to mention it is now down to my elbows! So, any hair care product I use, has to get the job done, and […]

Retro-Chick Conditioning Potion Review!

My hair is literally a haystack! It is so dry and brittle, it is a wonder it even grows and is long! I was asked to review some hair conditioner by the name of Retro-Chic Conditioning Potion. And of course, because of how dry my hair is, I said yes. I received the Retro-Chic Conditioning […]