#Sponsored: Favorite Boating Time With Family! #DiscoverBoating


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Discover Boating. I received collateral to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating One place me and my family love to visit is Blue Lake Park in Oregon. It is a very  nice place to have a picnic, play and just have some summertime water fun! They also have a pedal boat rental, which my sister-in-laws family owns and we love to go out on the water and pedal away! We were able to do that again, a few weeks ago and we had so much fun! We first had a wonderful picnic in the park, we let the kids play on the playground and the water sprinkler park, then we ended the day with a fun paddle boat experience on the lake!!! It was so warm outside and so being on the water with a breeze going through our hair, was a much-needed thing and felt so nice!! I love being on the water!! My family does too. Do you love being out on the water too and boating with friends and family? … [Read more...]

School Is Out For the Summer!!! What To Do Now??

my kids

Oh my goodness, my son is FINALLY out of school for the Summer! Today was his very last day! And yes, I am terribly sad :( Sad because he is growing up! Sad because my little baby boy is a big boy now! If only we could keep them little... Now that Summer is officially here (well almost!) what do you do? How on earth do you keep your kids happy and busy? Certainly not by watching t.v. and playing video games all day long (that is for winter time...;))... I get both my babies outside and keep them busy that way. With the wonderful Step2 Swing Set we received to review and a really cool kiddy pool hubs bought for the kids, my kids stay busy pretty much all afternoon. When they get bored with that, they will ride their bikes or go on an "adventure" with backpacks around our property (with mama watching them ever so closely!!! Hey, I am like that ;)).   We are actually in the middle of moving this summer too, so that will keep everyone on their toes and very very busy. I have my … [Read more...]

Take Me Fishing


  I grew up in a large family, so finding things to do, that were inexpensive, was a MUST. Keeping 7 children entertained, I am sure, was not an easy task for my parents! The things we did do most of the time, mostly during Spring and Summer, was camping and fishing. Oh my goodness how I LOVED to go fly fishing with my Daddy! Me and my two brothers (my youngest brother was not born yet), would go fishing EVERY Wednesday during the Summer. We called ourselves the "partners", and man did we have fun!! My mom would pack us a dinner, usually hot dogs that we could cook over the fire pit at the park, chips, pop and some sort of treat, usually smores! After we would eat, we would then go to the river, forge our way to rocks sticking out of the river, and start fishing!! My Nephew lives in Burns, Oregon, and they have some AWESOME fishing down there!! Look at that sucker!! I would always grab the same rock, unless of course it was covered by water, which sometimes … [Read more...]