Delicious Game Day Food Ideas

*This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. Nothing is better than having a reason to get together with family and friends and devour good food and snacks. We are not big sports fans, but if there is a reason to get some people to our home, then we will do it. Even […]

Check Out These Bamboo & Wooden Polarized Sunglasses!

*Product received. Opinions are my own. Have you seen these? They are bamboo and wooden polarized sunglasses and they are SO cool! I received a pair and a pair to gift to a friend! It was so much fun to hear how happy my friend was when she received her pair of sunglasses! So fun […]

Stay Connected with Loved Ones During The Holiday Season And Beyond #HomeTeam

*Sponsored Post. Opinions Are My Own. Not everyone can be together or come home for the holidays. It can be an emotional time for many people. Thank heavens we have the internet now. Back when I was small, we did not have that option (Makes me sound SO old…sigh). We wrote letters and it took […]

“Goodbye”, She Told Me, And The Next Time I Saw Her, Was In Her Casket….

You just never know what tomorrow may bring, you just don’t. And no matter how much you THINK you know someone, you DON’T. I was pregnant the same time she was. She was absolutely GORGEOUS. She had many many many friends who loved her, thought she was amazing. She was funny, she loved to laugh […]

Hoping Everyone Had a Wonderful Christmas!

We did 🙂 BUT, before that good time, we had a scary moment! We went to my Mom and Dad’s house on Christmas Eve for dinner (my hubby had to work until 9pm 🙁 ) After dinner, my daddy had to lie down, he thought his heart was acting funny. He had to be rushed […]

How was your weekend? And some goodies ;)

Me and my babies: So, how was your weekend? Now it is Monday, yuck, and a new week has started! Lots of work for me to get caught up on. You know this weekend was the first weekend in almost a YEAR that I have not even looked at my laptop?! Yes, I went TWO […]

Just not very happy right now…

Taking a much needed break today, from life in general, if possible. Too much going on lately and I really think it is all creeping up on me. Bills, stress, living paycheck to paycheck, does not make one very happy, sigh! EVERYTHING that I could possibly think of that might go wrong, is, and I […]