Create Your Favorite Flavor Combos With New Chapstick DUO!

*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. The only lip balm I use on my lips is Chapstick. My favorite flavor? It is Candy Cane of course and at the stores, you can really only find it around Christmas time. But, I found that I can buy it on Amazon […]

Natural And Nourishing Handmade Skincare Products

*Products received. Opinions are my own. Since my kids have eczema, I have to be extremely careful what goes on their skin. I sure hope my kids outgrow eczema! So we often times go for the natural and nourishing handmade skincare products as opposed to the store bought. Browsing online can be totally time-consuming in […]

Natural Lip Care

Congrats to Melissa Resnick *Products received, opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. My little girl loves to put on lip glosses and lip balms. She also likes to put on mascara and blush too, but only at home for dress up with her mama 🙂 She is just so girly and I […]

New Carmex Moisture Plus® limited edition designs!

CONGRATS TO Pauline Mendes #2750! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate links. I really like my lip balms and I really am enjoying them immensly with all this cold weather we have been having. My lips are always dry feeling, so I am constantly applying lip balm to them. […]

Carmex Summer Fun

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Nancy Lara #903!! Did someone say Carmex? Yes I certainly did!! I love me some Carmex and now Carmex has come out with something new! The new Carmex Pomegranate lip conditioner!! Oh it is nice! I have always been a Carmex fan and love their products. They have lotions, lip balms, […]

NIVEA A Kiss of Olive & Lemon Moisture Rich Lip Care

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Aimee Fontenot #3478!! I have always loved Nivea. From the lotions to the lip balms, just love Nivea! When I was a teenager I would always use the Nivea firming lotion and have not steered away from it since. Nivea hydrates my skin and keeps it totally soft and nice feeling. […]


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Katie White #578!!   Yep, the title is short and sweet and to the point. This is a Carmex giveaway for YOU! I am a part of the wonderful Carmex Blog Squad, so I get to try out things for them and share them with you all. Fun right? I think […]

Neutrogena New Products Review

With Winter behind us and Spring here, hopefully our weather will start to get better! With Spring is new changes and fresh beginnings! Neutrogena has introduced its newest products for  Spring! I had the opportunity to try them out and put them to the test. I received Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact Foundation with SPF of […]

Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm?

So, really, can you get hooked on lip balm?? Well, actually yes you can! I had the chance to review a wonderful book all about beauty and answers most of your beauty questions like the lip balm one! Love this book. A lot of questions I had, are now answered. I for one am a […]

BeadforLife Jewelry Giveaway

BeadforLife is a great way to help support the Uganda Women and their families. They make and sell beautiful beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings and lip balms and soaps from Shea butter. Enter my necklace giveaway too!