LightHeaded Beds Have A Built-in Nightlight!

*Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Lifetime recently purchased a new company called LightHeaded Beds and the day I found out about LightHeaded Beds, I had to know more. I was fascinated with the fact that LightHeaded Beds Have A Built-in Nightlight!! How cool is that?! How unique is […]

Accelerate the Deepest Dreams for Even the Most Restless Sleeper

CONGRATS TO Lana Bilyy #1410! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my affiliate link. I really have never had a problem with getting any of my kids to sleep. They go to bed when I tell them to, that’s it. Seriously, I guess I am lucky as I hear horror stories of […]

Brobo Night-Light TREX: The Silly Orange Dinosaur

CONGRATS TO Melina Ramirez #50! *NO product was received. Nothing is more silly then an orange dinosaur! Or is there? I am not certain, but the Brobo Night-Light TREX dinosaur is certainly on my list of silly things! He is too cute!   A Bit About TREX: Trex is a soft orange dinosaur with a […]

A New Kind Of Night Light: Glow Pets!

******WARNING: My Glow Pet’s battery compartment completely melted and warped!!! Could have caused a fire in my bed with my little kids 🙁 I have contacted the company about this. Please be aware of this and if you own one, please look at the battery compartment!!!!!! I no longer recommend this product****** *Product was received, […]

Brobo: The New Huggable Night Light! (Review)

My kids LOVE things that light up, especially at night. Things that can softly glow in a dark room, is very comforting to my kids (and me too!). We received some really cute plush from Brobo. They are a new, huggable  night-light for kids! They are super cute and adorable. They are so comfy to […]

Teddy Tank Review

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Patricia Wojnar Crowley #1006 My kids love neat toys. They also really like night lights! The Teddy Tank is both, a unique toy and a night light 🙂 I received the Teddy Tank Dog to review and found it really cool! So did my kids. Teddy Tank creates a comforting feeling […]

ChuChi Night Light Review

Scary Monsters Have Just Left The Building…” Do you have little ones that are afraid of the dark? Night lights are nice, but you know what is nicer? A really snuggly night light that your little ones can sleep with!! That is what ChuChi is! ChuChi is a portable, huggable, smush-able, and lovable plushie night-light […]