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*Products received. Opinions are my own! You know how you have a certain website and/or store that you cannot stop looking at or browsing in? That is Scentsy for me. Scentsy is the absolute hardest web site to get off of!!! And then Scentsy HAD to bring out their holiday stuff and now, well, I […]


      I don’t know of one person that doesn’t enjoy their home smelling nice. Scentsy is one of the wonderful ways to get your home to smell fabulous, very quickly! Scentsy has some beautiful warmers and a huge selection of scents to choose from. I always love browsing their catalogs or looking online at the […]

Scentsy Review

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Amber #74 Who doesn’t love candles and nice smelling things? If you say, you don’t, you are lying!! Everyone I have ever known loves this kind of stuff, even the guys! Scentsy has always been in the back of my mind to try. I always hear about how great it […]