Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Kit & Giveaway!!!

auntie anne

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Amy Delong #159 Ever tried Auntie Anne's Pretzels, you know, the ones that are at the mall? I have, a lot in the past, and I absolutely love them. My favorite is the salty pretzels with mustard to dip it in, Mmmmmmmm!!! I had the chance to try out Auntie Anne's pretzel kit, to make the pretzels at home! Oh, how excited I was to be able to make those delicious pretzels in my own kitchen!! Me and my daughter made them together. It was fairly easy to make, just a lot of kneading, but simple to put together. You have to let the dough rise in a warm place for about 30 minutes, then you just start doing your pretzel making! It is suppose to make about 10 pretzels but ours only made about 6 :) We made them fat and big! I made half cinnamon and sugar and the other half I made salty. The kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to make these pretzels, all in one little kit! So much fun and great to make on rainy days with your kids! What a … [Read more...]

Fiber One Prize Pack


CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO jakell m #79 One of my worst over indulgent moments with food is ALWAYS around the holidays. You have all that great food, all the wonderful, tasty desserts and I just eat and eat :) This year, I promised myself to do it a bit different. I won't over indulge, but I will enjoy everything in moderation. Before I eat my holiday meals, I will have a bowl of Fiber One cereal in the morning time. Yep, that is how I will help control my hunger for the holidays. What can that do, you ask? Well, for one, eating Fiber One® Original cereal can help stop hunger from taking diets off-course. Fiber helps satisfy your hunger so it’s easier to eat less and lose weight without feeling as hungry. Fiber One Original Cereal is also a great way to incorporate fiber into mealtime recipes! For ideas, Hungry Girl is providing tips for the Fiber One Original cereal “Help Take the Hunger out of Dieting”   Did You Know...   One … [Read more...]

Date Night With Wanchai Ferry® and Macaroni Grill® Dry Dinner Kits


CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO JENNIFER HORN #131!!! Wanchai Ferry® and Macaroni Grill® Dry Dinner Kits can help you recreate that special evening in the comfort of your own home. So, instead of going out for a date, stay in and enjoy yourselves at home!! I received a date night kit that included: one Wanchai Ferry dry dinner kit, one Macaroni Grill dry dinner kit, and a $25 Visa gift card, so that me and my husband could create a fun date night, at home! With two little kids, eating out or even being able to go out, sans kids, is next to impossible for us. So this date night kit was a sheer pleasure for us!! I prepared one of the boxed kits, I chose the Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken Dry Dinner Kit for our date night. I poured a little grape juice (no wine here :)) and added two candles and I made a chocolate cherry cake for dessert (which the Visa gift card helped purchase!)! My kids were in the back room watching one of their favorite movies and me and my hubby … [Read more...]

Explained AGAIN Why Some Of My Giveaways Ended Early…

*Warning, I swear in this post* I received a really nasty email earlier saying this: Subject: Ending giveaways prior to deadline... Message Body: In the future do not end giveaways prior to the end date you post. This is really suspicious and many followers are beginning to wonder why you do this. Recently, you ended Melissa and Doug earlier than the said date.. You announced a winner and it says the contest goes until tonight (Oct 29th) at 10pm... We will be contacting the company about this. So, I guess my explanations of why I had to end my giveaways, did not register to this person! So, I will explain again.. I had to end some of my giveaways early, because I was not going to manually transport 500 or more comments to my new word press blog. This would have taken me hours upon hours to do, and I just cannot spend time like that on my computer, I have a family, I have two young kids. Just to give you an idea, it took me SIX months to manually copy and paste all of my … [Read more...]

Darla Arni Creates: Canvas

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CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO FAT MAMA CASS #23!!!   Talk about cute things! Darla Arni has an etsy shop with some very cute canvases and other one-of-a-kind gifts for you! Her Canvases can be personalized to say what YOU want to say! My kind of canvas :) I received the LOVE canvas, it was a 4"x4" inch canvas with a lot to say! I love it. It is nicely made and I absolutely love canvases anyways, and I knew exactly where this was going...   It is not perfectly made, but I feel that that adds to the whole canvas look and I just love it!!! Darla also has a new book coming out this month (October) called "Full Plate no Fork". It will be the perfect size to stick in your purse, gym bag, diaper bag, briefcase or Christmas stocking!! (hint hint!!) It provides tips, tricks and steps for creating a productive, creative and fulfilling life, including: The art of being still, 5 ways to cope with a bad day (I am sure we can all relate!), Attitude … [Read more...]

Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound Washington!

wolf lodge

Have you ever been to the Great Wolf Lodge? You know, the place where you stay and they have a huge indoor water park? Ya, that is where we went a couple of weeks ago! I also got to meet other bloggers :) So that was really fun!! We received an awesome discount to stay at Wolf Lodge, so we could not say no! We left on Friday and Stayed until Sunday morning. The first night we were there, the kids went trick-or-treating. We received a little map for each of my kids and we followed the map and the kids got some candy! We brought their costumes, so this was so much fun for them! After the Trick-or-treating, we got ready and went to the indoor water park for a few hours! Oh what fun this was!! There is a wave pool, a kiddie pool, water slides and more! We could not decide what to do first! So, me and the kids went into the kiddie pool and my husband ventured off to the water slides! The kiddie pools has lots of fun things for the kids to do, like spray each other with water while … [Read more...]