Ellovi Raw Body Butter


CONGRATS TO Nicole Sender #635! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. Is your skin super-duper dry from a long and hot summer? Ya, mine kind of is too. My skin does not like a lot of things, so I have to be careful what I smooth onto it. One thing I have found that works great with my skin and moisturizes it nicely is the Ellovi Body Butter. It is so rich with wonderful things for my skin to drink up and it is very moisturizing too. Talk about a treat for my skin! We all know that some body butters/creams/lotions have unneccessary chemicals in them, parabens, and preservatives. This body butter does not. Your skin is, after all, a 'giant sponge', so you have to protect what you absorb into it!! The Ellovi Body Butter is pure body butter that is handcrafted in California (so USA made, yay!!). Ellovi Butter is a raw body butter made from just six pure ingredients. Butter is free from all artificial and unnecessary ingredients. They don't even add water! It goes … [Read more...]

Aquafina™ Skincare Review

Aquafina Logo

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Crystal #190!! Who says Aquafina is just to drink? Now your body can drink it up through the Aquafina Skincare products that are out! Summer is here and what better a way to drench your body in moisture, then with Aquafina! I have tried out the Aquafina Lip Balms before and really liked them. I am particular on my lip balms and always stick with one brand only, so me liking the Aquafina Lip Balm and being able to use it, was big for me. It is comparable to Chapstik lip balms, if you are wondering... I received a few products from the Aquafina Skincare line that included: *Hydrating Lip Oil *Shower Gel *Body Butter Since I love beauty and skincare products, this was a nice little package to open up and try out :) First I will talk about the Hydrating Lip Oil. It is in a tube, and when I put it on my lips, it glided very nicely onto them. It was kind of minty or cool feeling on my lips (a must for me), and it was very … [Read more...]

Transition Into Spring With These New Must-Haves!

Nubar Lotion

Since Spring is here, for some of us (I say that because it is cold and POURING rain where I live, SIGH), it is time to update our skin care, don't you think? I have a few products that I recently got to review, below, and they are definitely a must-have for this Spring! What I received was the new Spongeables, Vegan Line of Nail Polishes from Nubar and some really great Body Lotion from Nubar. The Spongeables are very neat!! They are neat because they have shower gel already in them! All you need to do is get them wet in your bath or shower and rub them onto your moist skin. It immediately soaps up and smells soo nice!  I received the Lavender Nector with a Buffer and the Applause Hand Buffer. Oh they both smell so nice and leave my skin feeling so smooth, soft and yummy scented. And they are good for 20+ showers/baths!! About Spongeables (taken from their site): What makes Spongeables® Special? An infusion of skin care, rich creamy lather and luxurious fragrances … [Read more...]

Skin Free Mom-To-Be Gift Set Review & A Giveaway!

If you read my blog, you know that I am trying to get pregnant, again. So, I think that if I mentally prepare myself, it will happen, it HAS to, right? So, I got to review the Skin Free Mom-To-Be Gift Set (hey, I have to start somewhere!), and it is quite the treat! In the gift set, it includes: *Sweet & Smooth Sugar Scrub *Whipped Tamanu Butter *Extra Moisturizing Soap *Niaouli Butter Stik What a nice gift for anyone who is expecting, not expecting or just loves to be pampered. The Sweet & Smooth Sugar Scrub is very nice. It came in a baggie, because it does have quite a bit of liquid in it. But it is so pampering when you rub it onto your skin. It leaves your skin VERY very soft because of all the oil in it. There is absolutely no need to even moisturize your skin after your bath/shower when you use this stuff, as your skin is very soft already. Great for dry skin like elbows, knees and heels of feet. The Whipped Tamanu Butter, is nice too. I just wish it had more … [Read more...]

Fake Bake Review!

I have done a review on Fake Bake before, and really like their products. This time I was able to review some other great items from them! And I was not let down :) I received the Bronzy Babe: Face & Body Bronzing Compact, Sunless & Skinny and the Mad-Bout-Melon Body Butter! Yeah, everything is awesome :) You all know I LOVE my beauty products. I can't get enough of them! I get very excited when I get to review them :) The Bronzy Babe: Face & Body Bronzing Compact is really really awesome. I say this because it is one of the most softest, silkiest bronzer powders I have ever used. The compact that it comes in is strong and sturdy and very stylish. The bronzer powder is a powder that does not make you look orange in the least. It is a true bronze tan color. It goes on very smoothly and looks very natural. I love this bronzer! And, it compliments all skin tones and types. The Sunless & Skinny Self Tanning Lotion is also a new favorite of mine. Not only does it … [Read more...]

Touch'd Bath Salt Soak Review & Coupon Code!

Ever have a day where you are just achey, tired and just need some rejuvenating? Ya, me too! That is our day everyday, right? Have you ever used anything to elliviate your stresses and aches? I heard bath salts can do just that, but to find the right bath salt can be tricky.   I was lucky enough to try out some dead sea bath salts from Touch'd, and they are very nice! Just fill up your tub, add 6-10 oz. of the salt soak to warm running water, plop yourself in the tub and soak away for about 20-30 minutes. I did this the first night I got it. Put the kids to bed and away I went for some ME time. Not only is this sea salt wonderfully, lightly scented, but it did help me relax. I don't know if it was because of the bath salts or the fact that I was actually just taking a bath by myself, but I certainly felt GOOD! When you are done with the bath, it is always nice to wash off with a nice hot shower! My skin smelled delicious and was soft :) About the Salt Soak taken from their … [Read more...]