Top 10 Best Products I Have Ever Reviewed

  Being a review blogger means I review a lot of things. From clothing, shoes, hand bags and accessories to makeup, beauty products, food, home decor and appliances! Phew! I have reviewed many many products, but I really wanted to let you know which products I still use every day and absolutely love. I hope […]

Top 10 Must See Shows On Netflix (Guest Post)

*This is a guest post by Benjamin Warren   There are seemingly endless shows on Netflix, which is great for those of us who love streaming an episode when time allows. But taking a chance on a show you’re not familiar with, and getting caught up with a sub-par show is exactly what you don’t want. I know this list is going […]

My Top 10 Favorite Products From 2014

*I am a Tommee Mommy Insider! Opinions and items selected below are my tried and true top products from 2014. Enjoy! I simply cannot believe that 2014 is coming to a close… Makes me SAD, but happy too, I suppose. I am one who does not like to see things come to an end, heavens, […]

10 Things I Never Knew I Was Capable Of Doing, After Kids

I am sure we have all thought about life before our precious little ones. I remember being SO fit and healthy! I remember having energy like no other. But, I also remember a HUGE void in my life, because I wanted little ones! After children, I never knew I was capable of certain things. I […]

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts

I have reviewed many products on my blog. Some I absolutely love and some, not so much. I wanted to put together a list of the top ten products that I just loved and would make a great Valentines Day Gift this year, for a loved one! Please add yours, in a comment below so […]

Top Ten Favorite Beauty Products Ever!

I have a top ten favorite beauty products ever list, do you? I bet you do, or at least, you have a top ten faves list of SOMETHING, right? Whether it’s using facial collagen cream or an age-defying serum, I’m sure you put some products higher than others. I think everyone does! I wanted to share with you […]