Pop Out Pets Giveaway!

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*Product received, opinions are mine. Products that have different things to them or products that entertain with different things going on are the way to go. Lately I have seen more and more products on the market that are so versatile! From gadgets to toys, it is really cool! Recently I was sent a really cute, new toy called Pop Out Pets! These are a hit with my daughter and little baby boy! The Pop Out Pets are adorable 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 stuffed animals that transform! What appears at first to be a dolphin magically transforms into a walrus, and then even a sea turtle in one quick flip! SO cute! The Pop Out Pets I was sent was the Sea Life Creatures. They are soft and huggable and it can turn into THREE cute pets: Taylor the Tenacious Turtle, William the Witty Walrus and Daisy the Debonair Dolphin! Love the names of them too :) Product Description Dive into a world of discovery and imagination with this charming 3-in-1 trio, and let them take you to places … [Read more...]

Easy Cooking With The Philips Airfryer

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*Product received, opinions are mine. This post includes my affiliate link. Who doesn't love cooking with ease? I know when I am in the kitchen, I just don't have time to stand there and bake/cook for hours on end. I have a baby and two other kids that need me. So, meals must be easy and quick! With the Philips Airfryer, meals CAN be easy and super quick! I am loving what this Airfryer can do. A couple of weeks ago I was sent one to check out and I also was invited to participate in the fun and informative Video Chat with MasterChef Luca Manfe and Vera Sweeney!!! That was such a FUN video chat! I not only learned so much about how to use the  Philips Airfryer, but also what I can cook in it! Plus, Vera was super funny and it was just fun to watch MasterChef Luca Manfe and Vera chit chatting ;) You can watch the video chat, by clicking here! So, while I was watching and participating in the fun video chat, I too, was cooking up a storm in my Philips Airfryer! I did … [Read more...]

AIRBAC Layer Backpack (Review and A Giveaway)


*Product received. Opinions are mine. My husband just started really getting into fishing this year summer, with the kids. I was so happy about that because I used to fish ALL the time with my dad and those were some pretty fun times! I made great memories with my dad that I will remember forever! So, I am hoping my kids will make some great memories with their daddy, fishing and being outdoors! Lots were definitely made this summer! Since my hubby is more outdoorsy lately, he needed a really good, lightweight backpack to carry his fishing stuff in. We thought the AIRBAC Layer Backpack would be a good choice for this. Yes, this is great for school too. I don't even really think this was made for the way my hubby is using it, but, he loves it for fishing and it works for him this way. This backpack is spacious and large, perfect for fishing gear or your school supplies. The Layer Backpack is equipped with two handles and has a mesh backing for durable storage and … [Read more...]

LeapBand: Best Kids Fitness & Activity Tracker! #FitMadeFun

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*Products were received. Opinions are mine. This post includes my affiliate link. Oh my goodness did we have some serious fun at our "Fit Made Fun" MommyParty sponsored by LeapFrog and CLIF Kid, this weekend! It was perfect weather and we had the neighborhood kids over for some seriously active fun! I made tacos and served up some yummy treats and we enjoyed stepping it  up a bit after dinner! Lots of dancing and running around in my living room! Whoosh! The LeapBand is one cool device, let me tell YOU! The kids were fighting over who got to wear the LeapBand and for how long. I had to set the timer! Each child got 15 minutes at a time, wearing the LeapBand. They had so much fun, creating, feeding and playing with their little 'friend' on the LeapBand. They also had tons of fun keeping active with their interactive pet! What Is LeapBand? LeapBand is the Best Kids Fitness & Activity Tracker. The LeapBand encourages your child to get active with a … [Read more...]

Kidecals: Waterproof Labels For Kids & Adults (Coupon Code)


*Product received. Opinions are mine When my son was in kindergarten through 2nd grade, he had to label EVERYTHING. All of his school supplies had to have his name on them, somewhere. Now that my daughter is in 1st grade, she has to do this too. I hate using permanent markers on their things, but sometimes that is all I have to work with! I did that this year, with my daughters stuff and on my son and daughters backpacks, coats and lunch bags. So, when I was contacted to review the Kidecals, I let my friend, who needed to still label her sons things for school, review these for me. Kidecals are name labels for kids and adults and they are waterproof too! My friend came over and checked out their site. She chose some really cute name labels for her son. It was hard for her to choose which ones she wanted, as the site is filled with so many options! But, she finally decided on which ones to get. Now, real quick: Kidecals has not only name labels for you, but also for … [Read more...]

Sparkup Magical Book Reader Review and Giveaway!


*Product was received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my Amazon affiliate link. I read to my kids often, but not often enough. They do read on their own, when they remember or I remember to tell them (I know, I know..), but mainly my kids just like ME reading to them. I can't always do that though. Would if there was a device that could read to your child, ANY illustrated book they own, in YOUR voice? There IS! Yep, it is called the Sparkup Magical Book Reader and we received one to review :) This is a new, educational toy that enables parents (grandparents, friends, etc.) to create personalized audio recordings of *any* illustrated children’s book, so that your children can listen, read along and feel connected with their loved ones, even when apart! Upon opening this up, I saw that ours came with two, prerecorded books! It also came complete with a hardcover preloaded demo book, instruction manual, one USB cable, and three AA batteries. So, everything you … [Read more...]