Lifeless Lisa Chia Zombies (Giveaway) #zombies #halloween

Chia Zombies

Congrats to Dusty L Schur *Product was received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Oh heavens! I received a very frightening thing in the mail the other day! Her name is ' Lifeless Lisa' and she is a Chia Zombie! When I saw her, I just KNEW her and I would bond. This is one very cool (and scary) Chia Zombie. You all know what the Chia Pets are, right? Well, these are JUST like them, but they are zombies! Ha! And they have some real cool ones! I chose Lifeless Lisa, because she frightens me! But they also have the scary hand reaching up from the ground and another scary looking dude. Each Chia Zombie Comes With: Unique handmade pottery planter Chia seeds for 3 plantings Plastic drip tray Easy planting and care information These are super easy to set up. You just soak the whole pottery planter in water for about an hour. While that is soaking, you soak the chia seeds in water for an hour or so too. After that you pull the planter … [Read more...]

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes (Giveaway) #giftguide

fiber lashes

*Product received. Opinions are my own. I know many of us women, long for lush lashes. I am one of them. I am constantly using the growth serum on my lashes and yes, those do indeed work, but for something instant and not so permanent, you have Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes. I am pretty sure you have all heard the hype about this stuff, right? If you are on the internet, you had to of. I was always seeing my friends using Younique and of course I was intrigued, but never wanted to spend the money to buy it because 'would if' it did not work, then what? Then, I was contacted to review it and was pretty happy about that. Now I could try it out and share my thoughts with all you wonderful readers of mine ;) This is a few processes to get the look you want. So if you are a super busy, no fuss kind of gal, this may not be the mascara for you. It takes a little bit of time to perfect it too. Once you have it down though, it is an easy process. It comes with the … [Read more...]

Car Seat Safety Tips


*Product was received. Opinions are my own. This post contains my affiliate link. Last month was Baby Safety Month (September) and Child Passenger Safety Week was September 14-20. But, I take baby safety seriously, so obviously I practice it every day of the year. We can all use reminders about car seat safety, including ways parents can become car seat safety pros. I know I am not perfect and there are things I am constantly learning about car seats and child/baby safety in the car, on a daily basis. This is a good time to brush up on this, for every parent!   My little one recently transitioned from a baby car seat to a convertible car seat and he could not be any happier! I received the wonderfully safe and comfortable NextFit™  Mystique Convertible Car Seat from Chicco. This is one VERY nice looking convertible car seat. It is SO user-friendly too. The NextFit is the easiest convertible car seat to install accurately and securely in a wide range of … [Read more...]

Mezoome Toddler Coat (Review & Giveaway) #giftguide

baby coat

*Product was received. Opinions are mine. I have been trying to get my kids fall clothes in order. I have been pulling out old boxes of clothes, seeing what still fits and what does not and then getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit my kids. I also am making sure my kids have their fall/winter coats. My baby, I have found, is the one that does not have much at all. Poor little guy! I need to stock him up on EVERYTHING. One thing I won't have to buy though, is a nice fall coat. I received a very cute and comfortable one from Mezoome. The Mezoome toddler fall coat has a really cute pointy hood and is made of 100% organic cotton. It has Mezoome's unique all over woodland creatures pattern that is totally adorable for boy or girl! The coat is so soft inside (and out!) and makes for a great coat for Spring/Fall or even Winter (where we live!). This coat almost feels like a wearable blanket, because of how soft it is. The coat is Available in 3 colors: … [Read more...]

White Mallow Baby Derma Collection from Weleda (Giveaways)


*Products were received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. My kids, well my smaller of the three, have very sensitive skin. It is so sensitive, that I cannot even wash them with soaps. I mainly wash them with warm water! Poor little lovins! Makes me so sad for them. They break out in rashes quite a bit and they are super uncomfortable and ITCHY when they get too warm. These are my 21 month old's legs. It was after a bath and I had accidentally used some baby soap on him. Look at that horrible reaction! I felt SO horrible :'( I have tried many many many products on them and so far, no products work on my littlest one, but some DO work on my little girl. Maybe it is because her skin is not so new anymore like my 21 month olds skin? She is 6 so who knows, but I have found a few products she CAN use comfortably and they don't make her break out in hives or hurt her delicate skin. Some of the products are the White Mallow Baby Derma products … [Read more...]

Sterling ID Leather Wrap Bracelet (Giveaway) #GiftGuide

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*Product received. Opinions are my own. If you know me, you know that I don't wear a whole lot of jewelry. I rarely wear earrings or rings. But, when it comes to necklaces or bracelets, I like to wear them. They just can't be 'too much'. I like simple, effortless styles. Kind of like the styles at Alexis Drake. When I visited that website I had to take a little bit and browse it. I am one for handmade things and LOVED the look of jewelry on Alexis Drake. So stylish, effortless and stunning all wrapped up into one. I went a bit crazy on that site! First off, I loved the look and feel of the site. It is not overbearing, but it is interesting and super easy to find what I wanted to look for. I like the looks of all of the jewelry displayed. So simple, yet beautiful. When I went to Alexis's 'About' page, I had to laugh. She is a bit like me in that she never use to wear jewelry, in fact she never had any intentions of wearing it! Obviously that changed and now she is … [Read more...]