The Softest Blanket In The World!

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*product was received. Opinions are my own. I had to say it, I really did. I have finally found the softest blanket in the world!!! It is the Luster Loft™ Fleece Blanket from the American Blanket Company and I must be wrapped in it every night, in order to sleep.   This blanket is not only super soft, but looks fantastic on my king size bed too. I use it to cover my bed, most days, so when I go and sit on my bed, my bed is SOFT and inviting! I end up curling up on my bed for a bit, you know, because the baby HAS to take that dang nap ;) But, I am going to back track here a bit and let you know about the whole experience of receiving this blanket... When this blanket arrived, it was packaged beautifully. Inside of the cardboard box was a big white box with a ribbon tied on it. So pretty!!! When the white box was opened up, the blanket was wrapped in tissue paper. Even my husband said I need to mention how well it was packaged, in my review :) See, he noticed too! … [Read more...]

Manage Your Largest Asset–Your Home (Giveaway)


*This post is brought to you by HomeZada. Opinions are my own. Manage Your Largest Asset--Your Home, with HomeZada Spring is the time of year when everyone is thinking about starting projects on the house. We are one of those people. We have lots to do to this home of ours and need a place to organize all of our projects and ideas, not to mention our budget! We will also need some inspiration for it all. That is why I am kind of hooked on HomeZada right now. I just signed up for it and already added my very first project that I want to complete. The site is user-friendly and there is a place on this site for everything you need to get your home in tip-top shape! I am really excited to get started on making my home really nice this year! HomeZada is the only digital home information platform to help you improve value and save money throughout the entire homeowner lifecycle. About HomeZada What on earth IS HomeZada? Don't worry, I had to research it too and try it out … [Read more...]

All-New Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys Available At Walmart

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*Post sponsored by Lunchbox but all opinions are my own If you have kids, you know that they love to play! My kids love using their imaginations and they do a lot of pretend play, which I just love. The all-new Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys available at Walmart, have really sparked my son's imagination lately! My daughter's too! Even my little toddler will get in on the fun play! The Power Rangers are so fun to play with. They are kid-friendly heroes who are set to defend the Earth from the mighty intergalactic bounty hunter named Sledge (that name frightens me!). But, through the power of teamwork, the Rangers work together to eliminate Sledge and his Vivix to save the Earth, yay!! We love shopping at our local Walmart and love that Walmart is the place for all of our Power Rangers Dino Charge needs! We love browsing all the new Power Rangers Dino Charge toys such as: The Dino Charge Megazord, Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher, Power Rangers Dino Charge Double Strike … [Read more...]

Pink Fizz: The ultimate cosmetic brand exclusively Sold at Toys R Us (Giveaway)

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*Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Pink Fizz is the ultimate cosmetic brand exclusively sold at Toys R Us! It is made for girls of all ages! The makeup is fun, bright, bold and sparkly! Everything a girl wants, right? The packaging on this fun makeup is really cute! I love them and these are perfect for gift giving to any girl in your life. The makeup had my daughter really excited. She cannot wear makeup outside of the home, but when she is home, I allow her to. She loves playing dress-up and putting on makeup, earrings, dresses and my high heels. So cute!   My daughter really like the fun nail polish confetti kit. It took a while to dry, but when it did, it was so pretty! All confetti like on her nails! Pink Fizz is a brand that shows that a girl can still be a girl in all her pink glory embracing her love for fashion and all things fabulous, and at the same time be a strong, intelligent, sassy and … [Read more...]

The Best Children’s Table Set! (Giveaway)


*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Why on earth have I never heard of Stephen Joseph Gifts?!? Oh my goodness, the adorable products that they carry have me very excited. SO excited that I cannot wait to share them with you!! Do you like bright and happy colors? Do you like owls and adorable characters? Are you all for fun designs? Innovative products? Fun, bright and bold toys? Fun patterns and stuff like all of the above? Then you will LOVE Stephen Joseph Gifts, promise! Just visiting their site makes me happy. Lots of colors and lots and I mean LOTS of cute products for the kids! Backpacks, tables & chairs, travel gear, bath time, arts & crafts, musical instruments, fashion accessories, fun in the sun, rain gear and MORE. My goodness, my goodness! I had an extremely hard time choosing something to review. But, I did it. I chose the absolutely ADORABLE Monkey Critter Table and two super cute Monkey Critter … [Read more...]

Hoodsbee: Hoody, Plush Toy and Friend! (Review)


My toddler is growing up so fast, I just can't believe it! He is going through a growth spurt (finally!), so I am going through his older clothes and giving them all away and starting fresh for Spring! It is also time to put up those winter coats (heavens, we never needed them this year anyways!) and time to get some lighter jackets and hoodies. One hoody that my toddler cannot part with lately is the adorable and quite unique, Tig the Tiger Hoodsbee hoody! The Hoodsbee Hoody is an extremely soft (made with polar fleece) and adorable hoody and plush toy, in one! My toddler not only loves wearing it but he likes it when he takes it off and I make it into a plush toy for him to nap with or play with. Too cute! We took off to the beach a couple of weekends ago and this hoody was awesome to have with us! It not only kept my little one toasty warm on the beach, but it also kept him happy and entertained while in the hotel room. We are very happy with our Hoodsbee … [Read more...]