Game Night With My Family! #UnPlugwithCarrom


“Disclaimer: I am a member of The Social Media Panel, LLC. who was given the opportunity to review this product. However, the brand or company has not influenced me in any way to provide any type of review other than my true and honest opinions. I am disclosing all information provided in this review according to the information provided in Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”   I would like to extend my gratitude to Carrom for sponsoring this post. When I was small, we obviously did not have computers, or we did, but they were not in our home. The only time we would have a computer in our home was during the holidays, when my dad would borrow one from his work! We all took turns playing it (me and my SIX other siblings!). We would play the Oregon Trail and gosh it was fun! Besides the holidays and my dad bringing home a computer for us to play on, we would play board … [Read more...]

Top five tips to keep wood floors clean for the summer

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*Product received. Opinions are mine. Yes, most of our home has wood flooring. And with wood flooring comes many, noticeable messes! I like to keep things super simple though, and use my Pledge Floor Care products. With summer in full swing, lots of messes have come and gone in this household! WHOOSH. There has certainly been some doozies that is for sure! I tend to grab a mop and Pledge FloorCare Squirt & Mop. Why? Because the Pledge FloorCare Squirt & Mop is convenient to use and makes me having to clean up messes wood floors, EASY. It has a very subtle citrus scent and it is very nice! I like how I can just squirt it straight from the bottle onto the floor and mop it up. My floor gets clean and shiny, quickly. It also dries fairly fast, so little feet can run on it again. It is a great product. Another product I reviewed is the Pledge FloorCare Wood Trigger Spray. Since checking out this product, this is another one of my go-to products to quickly and … [Read more...]

Kindermint: Affordable Name Brand Clothes With Little Prices!


*I received credit, to try out Kindermint. Opinions are mine. Having kids it is hard to keep up with them clothes wise. They grow so dang fast! Buying expensive, new clothing is pointless in my book. I would much rather visit a consignment or resale store or a store that sells inexpensive namebrand clothing and buy from them. I heard of Kindermint and was happy to give them a try. Unlike expensive apparel and department stores that buy inventory every 6-12 months, Kindermint sources the freshest fashions to bring to you daily! All of their items are genuine name brand designer kids clothes at up to 90% off! So, you get affordable name brand clothes at awesome prices!! I really like how Kindermint mixes gently used items with new items! Things are totally affordable and the selection of new and gently used items is huge! I had a very hard time choosing items that I wanted. I shopped for my little guy, as he is the one that needs clothes desparately! I was so excited to … [Read more...]

The Best Play Kitchen For Toddlers!

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*product was received, but opinions are my own. This post contains my personal affiliate link. My little boy has been walking since 10 months. I think he started walking early because he was trying to keep up with  his older brother and sister. He is always following them around, trying his hardest to do what they do! It is so stinkin' cute! And, when I am cooking in the kitchen, he likes to go in there with me and dig in all the cupboards that he can reach, and cook with me! He loves banging pots and pans together and fitting containers into other containers. He also loves rearranging my spice rack! He is a busy boy!!! I think I have had about three play kitchens, in the past, for my kids, when they were younger. With every move, they either fell apart or got broken upon delivery. My kids were so sad! So when Little Tikes offered to let me review the Cook Around Kitchen & Cart, I knew my little guy would really like it. I was right! That first day it was put together (it does … [Read more...]

Click-eez: Sweet Summer Arm Candy!

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Little girls love girly things! My little girl and her friends love to play dress up and adorn themselves with pretty jewelry and makeup :) They also like to give each other things, a lot. LOL. So, when I heard about Click-eez I thought of my daughter! Click-eez is sweet summer arm candy for your girl/s! They are bracelets that 'click' together easily and you can share them with friends too! Not only are they 'clickable' but they are stackable too, making them super fun and unique. Your child can trade with her friends or keep them all to herself. I believe, there are 10 collections available you can mix, match, and stack them however you like to find the style that best describes your child’s vibrant & creative personality. They are all different and have fun themes to them. To see them in action, take a peek at the video below! For the holidays, I am definitely getting my daughter more of these and will put them in her stocking. She loves them and loves … [Read more...]

Find Adventures, Snaap Pics, Win Prizes! (Amazon GC Giveaway!)


Congrats to Patricia Wojnar Crowley *This post is brought to you by Snaapiq, opinions are mine. At night, I love zoning out and just playing games. That is my way of saying "goodnight world!". I look forward to it each night, just me and my iPhone :) I have played many games in the past and all are pretty much the same type of thing, you win 'coins' and you can purchase more things and get ahead doing so. Well, recently I came across a really cool app that actually allows you to win REAL prizes! It is called Snaapiq and so far I am loving it! Snaapiq turns mobile photography (you know, like selfies), into a game, with fun photo contests! Some games are  “How Is Your Pet Funny?” and “What Does Music Mean To You?”   Participate and play these games and earn real rewards, all by snaaping, liking, and sharing photos! Share snaaps, compete against friends, and explore the Snaapiq community. It really is kind of fun and addicting! Downloading Snaapiq if free. So, next time you … [Read more...]