YOGiiZA: Organic Yoga Apparel

*Products were received. Opinions are mine. I have to confess, I do not do yoga and I never have. However, I do own my fair share of yoga pants 🙂 Hey, they are comfy and when I am just around the house with the kids, the last thing I want to be wearing is tight, […]

Bridgewater Candle Company: Great Gift Idea For Mom!

Congrats to LaTanya Thornhill *Products were received, opinions are mine. I don’t know about you, but I love candles! The more the better and they always make a perfect gift for pretty much any woman I know. I would like to introduce to you, the Bridgewater Candle Company. I had never heard of them, until they […]

Some Of My All Time Favorite Products I Have Reviewed

Some Of My All Time Favorite Products I Have Reviewed I have reviewed a bunch of things and some are okay, some are good, some are WOW and some are plain nothin’ special. This post is to tell you what products have lived up to their name and I still use and LOVE! This is […]

Been Sooooooo Busy, OMG

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be putting up lots more giveaways this week and next, never fear! This week so far has been sooooooo absolutely crazy busy, wow. Between all my doctors appointments with trying to conceive (I have unexplained infertility.. UGH so I am doing lots of tests and […]

Manhattan Toys PJ Tots Bonny Bunny & Matching Snuggly

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO beth shepherd #23!!   When I think of cute, fun toys I think of Manhattan Toys. I have reviewed for them before and love the toys that they carry. They have fun toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers! Great assortment and always something new! Manhattan toys has a really cute toy […]

Box of Possibilities: This Season’s Must-Have Gift For Kids Doesn’t Require Batteries!

You know, you get your kids toys for Christmas, and when they open up those toys, you realize, “I forgot to get batteries!!” UGH. The dreaded looks of sadness your little ones give you. I have been there and done that and it sucks. So I vouched to always have batteries on hand of all […]

Hasbro Boys Toys: Action Figures for the Holidays!

Are you searching for something for the boys in your life, for Christmas? Well, Hasbro has some really neat Action figures that would rock your boys world!!! The Star Wars Action Figures with Galactic Battle Game and Transformers Power Core Combiners (2 Pack) are sure to make a huge hit under that tree!!  With the […]

Pawparazzi Pets Review

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO PEGGY #32!! Pawparazzi Pets are just adorable! I have reviewed for the before, and now I had the chance to review for them again 🙂 So excited, because my daughter just loves them! What are they? They are adorable little plush pets for your kids! Little pets living big lives! You […]

DELO Capsules Review!

What are DELO Capsules, you ask? They are little plastic tops that screw onto your bottles of water and once screwed on your water bottle, they let out their liquid into your water. You then shake your water and enjoy! Super easy and no mess at all. But, the only water bottles I have found […]

Family Party Fitness Fun Game Review

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Melissa Belle COMMENT #33!! Family Party: Fitness Fun features 4-player simultaneous multiplayer games including boxing, roller derby, dodge ball, and more. We received this game, that is exclusively for the Wii game system, and me and my kids really like it! This game uses the Wii Active Board, to really […]