Basic Invite Allows You To Instantly Create A Card That Is Truly Unique!

*Sponsored. Opinions are my own. Basic Invite allows you to instantly create a card that is truly unique. That got my attention, did it grab yours? I thought so! Colors! Lots Of Color Choices! At Basic Invite they allow their customers almost unlimited options of colors and instant previews online. I really like this because […]

Shutterfly Special Offers For The Holidays! (Giveaway)

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Barbara Montag #332!! Ya, I know, Halloween is not even here yet and MANY stores, companies and people are already thinking about the holidays! How could you not though, with Thanksgiving NEXT month?! A girl has to prepare, ya know… When you capture your holiday (or every day) moments, you want […]

Expressionery: Personalized Calendars

I love personalized stationery, it just makes who you are giving it to, or you just using it,  that much more special. Whether it has your name or kids names on it or whatever, it makes it way more cute! Expressionery has some really cute personalized stationery. Cute styles to choose from and they are […]

Unique By Emma & Cracked Bell Fine Papers

    I did a review for Unique By Emma back in December, and just loved the silver bracelet that I received! I wear it with pretty much everything and it is holding up nicely, considering how much I do wear it. Unique By Emma contacted me again, but this time for a giveaway for […]