How I Make Time For Me During The Busy Holiday Season

*This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central Making time for me, is essential. I cannot be a good mom unless I take care of ME. I had to learn this throughout the years. Often times I am left on the backburner and I can tell […]

Find Nature Made Products At Walmart!

*This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. Health is something everyone should be maintaining and watching. As we get older, things just are not how they used to be. Things tend to go south for the most part and that is why I am trying […]

These Gummy Vitamins Help Me Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle #CentrumMultiGummies

*I received Centrum MultiGummies to try out and review as well as SOME FUN FITNESS GEAR. Opinions are 100% my own It is true, taking vitamins is good for my overall health. There were times in my life when I did not take vitamins and I felt terrible, I really did. So, I decided long […]

Have You Heard About The Nature Made 30 Day Healthy Habit Builder?

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Getting healthier this year was my biggest goal. I really want to get in shape, get toned up and just feel good, not tired all the time. Drinking coffee like it is going out of style and drinking […]

EverydayHappy Launches Wellness Care Kit For Busy Parents

*Products received. Opinions are my own. Lately I have found I am SOOOO dang tired. I literally have to take a nap when my littlest one does now. I never used to be like that, maybe I am just elderly? I have not exercised in a LONG time and I have not been taking any […]

SmartyPants All-in-One Vitamins For Adults And Kids #BornSmarty

*This post is brought to you by SmartyPants Vitamins. Products were received. Opinions are my own. SmartyPants All-in-One Vitamins For Adults And Kids Gone are the days when you need to swallow big, bulky vitamins. Now you can buy vitamins in most and shape and form. The SmartyPants Vitamins are worth a mention and are […]

Products That Help Pregnant And Nursing Mothers

*Product received. Opinions are my own. I nursed all three of my kids and I am STILL nursing my 2-year-old. He is the only one, out of my three children, that still loves the comfort of nursing. My other two were done nursing (weaned themselves) at 13 and 14 months. My little two-year old just […]

Provide Immune Support This Holiday Season With Puritan’s Pride!

  *Product was received. Opinions are mine. Baby, it is COLD outside!!! I really hope snow is on the way soon! I really love the colder weather, but I don’t like the colds and sicknesses that come with it, blah. I try to take my vitamins and supplements and give my kids them too. Then […]

Centrum ProNutrients Review

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Michelle Fosnaugh #36!! We all want to be more healthy and what a better way to start being more healthier, than with a new year! Centrum ProNutrients can help with that. I would like to introduce to you, ProNutrients by Centrum. This is a select line of supplements designed to naturally […]

How Vitamins Make ME Feel Better

How Vitamins Make ME Feel Better A few years ago, I did not take vitamins. The only vitamins I did take, were prenatal vitamins, but that was all. However, the prenatal vitamins I did take then, were Nature Made. They have always and still are my number one choice in vitamins. Well, since those few […]