Do Essential Oils Work? #EssentialOils (Giveaway)

young living essential oils kit

Last year, I purchased some essential oils off of Amazon. They were super cheap but that was okay because who has a million dollars to spend? I received them, used them and saw a little bit of a difference when I used them for my headaches and other things. I was not overly excited about them, but they did help some. Fast forward to this year.. I was feeling more and more compelled to try out some essential oils that were potent and pure. I knew that, because of the SUPER cheap price I bought my essential oils for on Amazon, made the oils less pure and not so potent. They were really liquidy and watered down. I heard many many good reviews about an Essential Oils company that I have had my eye on for a long time, but just could never justify the cost of them at the time. But, I really wanted to try them. Then, when tax refunds came in, buying these oils was first on my list and I did, I bought my kit!! Now, I can really test them out ;) My kit arrived and man I … [Read more...]

Snack Pets! Keep Food Cold and Fresh! (Giveaway)


*products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. When I first saw Snack Pets I thought it was a really neat idea. Not only does Snack Pets come in four adorable little characters (milky the cow, flipper the dolphin, cherry the ladybug and Baxter the dog), but it also can be unzipped to turn into a mat so your child does not have to eat off of dirty lunch room tables! Snack Pets can easily be wiped down, after being used and can be put in the freezer (it can fold down smaller than a paperback book!) so it will be ready for your child's next snack or lunch. Snack Pets has a little pouch that holds the freezeable gel pack, securely. The gel pack (and putting the whole Snack Pet in the freezer) will keep your child's snack/lunch cold for up to 7 hours. What I also like about the Snack Pets is that the snack mat can also double as a playmat for your child. Use it to carry some toys when on-the-go! Lots of uses! The Snack Pet is also … [Read more...]

Read With Your Kids This Spring with These Educational Kids Books


*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Read With Your Kids This Spring with These Educational Kids Books I have been on a reading kick lately, not for me, for my kids! They are enjoying it, thank heavens! Lately I have been taking book reviews, which I rarely ever do, but have found that my kids are totally into it, so it works! I especially love that not only are the books I have been accepting for review are cute, but they are educational books too. So, my kids like the books and find them very interesting! The Books I Received: The Big Book of Color 101 Things to Do Before You Grow Up My Little Book of Life Cycles 50 Things You Should Know about the First World War I picked these titles for my kids, because I knew they would be into them, but I WANTED them too. After all, I will be reading WITH my kids at times, so why not get titles I wanted to learn more about too :) The Big Book of Color is a cute book. It is … [Read more...]

The Best Plus-Sized Bathing Suits are Online


If you’re planning a winter vacation this year or are dreading another summer of pool-side hangouts, you’ll be happy to know that finding a great plus-size swimsuit doesn’t have to be a chore. This time, take control of your style and shop online. If you’re new to the world of online shopping, internet swimsuit retailers showcase the latest looks designed to rock your curves and make you feel great. It can be difficult to find fashionable, affordable swimwear at a traditional department store. Instead of travelling from store to store, only to end up disappointed when the only thing in your size is the same boring black one-piece, you can search for a variety of trendy styles that are available for every body. Designers understand hat plus-size women want to wear everything from a bikini to a sexy strapless one piece. They aren’t shy about showing off their assets and they want these styles in attention-getting prints and patterns. Plus-sized women with a hourglassfigure will love … [Read more...]

Radio Flyer Get Out And Play Daily Giveaway!


*this post includes my affiliate link I came across this giveaway and wanted to share with you all. I am getting nothing in return, this is just a brand that I love! From March 9th through April 10th Radio Flyer will be conducting their Get Out And Play Daily Giveaway. Participants can sign up each day  on for a chance to win the Radio Flyer toy of the day. One winner will be selected each day! Yay! In addition to the giveaway, Radio Flyer is also offering 10% off site-wide with the promo code “ SPRING15”  What better way to start spring, than with a brand new Radio Flyer ride!  … [Read more...]

Kids Love Reading These Fun Books! (Giveaway)


I remember when I was a child, I loved going to the library and checking out books. I read books, a lot. Now that I am older, sadly, I cannot find the time to read really anymore. Maybe one day.. On the other hand, my kids do like reading, so I am doing something right. They certainly do not read as much as I did when I was  younger, but they do enjoy reading. I received two more fun books, to add to our growing library at home. The two books are Mameshiba Love Winter and Hello Kitty: It's About Time. I think these books are adorable and so does my daughter! She has lots of fun reading and playing with the Mameshiba ♥ Winter book. This book is about building a snow castle! You can actually decorate the snowy scenes in the book with the stickers that are included and play around the pop up castle (on the last page of this book!) with your very own Mameshiba figures! You can even dress the figures up in warm winter gear! My daughter LOVES this book! Book retails for … [Read more...]