Mia Mariu’s Create Your Perfect Canvas (Makeup Review & Giveaway) #MiaMariu

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*Product received. Opinions are mine. I love makeup, that is no lie. I get makeup in the mail and I am like a kid on Christmas! It is so fun for me to open up those packages! Keeping myself nice looking, is very important to me. I don't want to look like a haggard housewife, by any means. Sure, some days I just don't feel it, but I always try to make sure I AT LEAST put on mascara and some lip gloss. But on days that I do feel like it, I go all out, even if I have nowhere to go! Love it ;) If you are a busy mama, like me, you don't have a ton of time to put on your makeup. So I was excited to see that Mia Mariu came out with a nice solution, in three EASY steps! It is the Mia Mariu's Create Your Perfect Canvas makeup and I am in love with it. Mia Mariu minerals offer you lightweight, long-lasting, non-pore blocking, breathable foundations that match your natural skin tone and create a healthy appearance.  All formulas provide superb buildable coverage and sun protection … [Read more...]

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table (Giveaway!)

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*Product was received, opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. Goodness it has been warm here lately! I am NOT complaining either, we love it! Every chance I get, I am on my deck soaking up the rays with my kids playing nearby. Up until a week or so ago, my little toddler only had a small kiddy pool to play in. But now, he has a new fun toy to play with when he is outside with his mama!! He received the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table to check out and he loves this thing! When this came in the mail, it was my 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl who wanted to put it together! They actually did for the most part, but I did the screws. Soon, the water table was ready for baby (and bigger kids!) to play with. It comes with so many fun little add ons. Like a bucket (for pouring water on sissy's head!) or a squirter toy cannon or a floaty boat for the cute little people that it comes with. I was really impressed with all the … [Read more...]

Get Ready To Shake Those Tail Feathers With Rio 2!!! (Giveaway) #Rio2Insiders


*Product was received, opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate links. So, have you seen Rio 2 yet? We just did last week and have seen it about 4 more times since then! Whoosh! My kids love the movie. It is really cute! Rio 2 made it's debut on July 15th on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD. So don't feel bad if you have not seen it yet, it did just come out! This movie has a lot of silliness, dancing and singing. My kids are always asking me to put it on, mainly in the morning time, to get their day started on a happy, dancing note. My little one likes to dance and watch this movie too! This movie also has some fun, exciting bonus features and extras (nearly an hour and a half of it!!), everyone will enjoy. You will also get your groove on with two downloadable bonus songs from the RIO 2 soundtrack: “I Will Survive” and “Poisonous Love,” both performed by Gabi (Kristin Chenoweth) and Nigel (Jemaine Clement). Woot!  For even more fun, every … [Read more...]

SoftShell Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker!


*Product was received. Opinions are my neighbors. This post contains my personal affiliate links. Did you know that today is National Ice Cream Day? It is! Yay! Who doesn't love a good scoop of deliciously cold ice cream on a hot summer day (or any day of the year!). In honor of this great day, we were sent a SoftShell Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker, to make our very own ice cream! Woot! I had my neighbor and her children review this for me. They were so excited to try this out! The went to the store, purchased the ingredients they wanted and soon they were shaking and moving that Ice Cream Ball. You just don't want to kick it! Once the ingredients were inside the ball they closed up the 'door' on it. My friend said it was hard to put the lid on it and it did leak a bit when it was being shaken. She said it took around 40 minutes of vigorous shaking, to get the ice cream the consistency she wanted it. Even then, she said, she had to put it in the freezer for … [Read more...]

ATTITUDE: Making Families Healthier And Happier

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*This post is brought to you by ATTITUDE. Opinions are mine. When you have a baby, you want only the best for them. You want nothing more than to protect them for any harm. I know when I had my first baby, I was so scared to even take him out of the house when he was new and tiny. I also cared a great deal, what I put on my baby's skin. Their skin is so dry anyways and they have eczema so bad, that I really could not use much on their little skin. Made me so sad!ATTITUDE Little Ones, is a line of products for babies and children that is free of cancer-causing contaminants. The collection features around 20 fabulous products. From wipes to shampoo, laundry detergent and toy cleaner, this line of new baby and children products sound amazing! Now parents can clean the areas around their babies and kids AND clean the kids too, with eco-friendly products. I like the sound of that! I love knowing I am not only protecting my child from harm, but I am also protecting their skin and … [Read more...]

How To Have The Best Movie Night Ever!

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*Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today's discussion! Not sure about you, but me and my family love having movie nights together! Whether it is raining outside or not, we have to have our movie nights once a week AT LEAST. A family movie night is one way the family can really get together, relax, have fun and eat! I look forward to these times with my sweet family and I know my kids do too! How do we make our movie nights extra special? I make sure we have lots of snacks and of course,  Pop Secret Popcorn! We use the Perfect Pop app with Pop Secret, it is too much fun! The Pop Secret with the Perfect Pop App is such a neat app.  Perfect Pop is a fun way to keep the kids busy,while the popcorn is poppin'! It 'listens' to the pops coming from your microwave, to find the precise moment when your popcorn is ready! All you do is turn Perfect Pop on (make sure you choose whether it is a snack sized bag or a regular bag), place your phone near the microwave (so the … [Read more...]