Save Money by Getting Regular Tune Ups For Your Vehicle

Save Money by Getting Regular Tune Ups For Your Vehicle

Nothing like a broken down vehicle on the side of the road. Been there, done that! I am sure everyone can relate, right? It can be so expensive to get your vehicle towed and then fixed. Why wait until  your vehicle breaks down or something goes wrong with it? I don't care if you are a man or a woman, you need to take care of your vehicle and if you do not know how to, you NEED to take it in for regular oil changes and tune ups. Why? Because in the long run, you will be saving yourself a TON of money. Just going in every 3,000 or so miles, getting your oil changed, fluids checked and other things, could save you lots of money. Best to keep on top of things than to go another day wondering if that sound you hear under the hood 'could' be something bad... There is a lot more to just getting an oil change for your vehicle. You will need to get a tune up and a tune up is more than just an oil change. It is important to keep up on the maintenance of your vehicle, so that it does … [Read more...]

That Time We Traveled To Disneyland with My Mom And Dad

Disneyland beach trip

Have you ever been on a road trip? I am sure most of you have. We have been on lots of road trips throughout the years. Some, before kids and the rest of the times, with our kids. The one trip I will never forget is the time we traveled to Disneyland with my mom and dad. It was 2010 and it was in August. It was HOT outside and we were about to embark on a trip to Disneyland, in my parents van, with my parents, brother, Hubby and two kids. It was a FULL van and we had lots of stuff packed in that van too. It was crazy full! We managed to all fit in (barely) and soon we were off to Disneyland! We were all super excited! I had lots of fun activities planned for the kids and my brother was also there to entertain the kids. We were set! Yay! The thing with traveling with my parents is, that they LOVE taking pit stops and I don't mean just one or two along the way, but almost every pit stop, they love stopping! It was good though, because with kids, you need to be able to … [Read more...]

Vitabath Has Two New Scents For Spring! (Giveaway)

Vitabath Gift Set Giveaway

*Product received. Opinions are my own. I have been a huge fan of Vitabath products. I love the way they smell and how they make my skin feel. Plus, they are not expensive, but they are great products. What more could I ask for?   Vitabath has two new scents out this spring and I wanted to share them with you! The first one is Pineapple Sunset. Let me tell YOU, that smells SOOO good! I have always enjoyed the scent of pineapple so I knew I would probably enjoy this scent too, which I do! It is a blend of pineapple, sun-kissed melon, passion fruit and yummy coconut with musky scent mixed in. Oh my it smells delicious! The set comes with the body spray and body wash and is packaged really cute! The next new scent from Vitabath is Raspberry Vanilla Velvet. Can I say any more? Just the name alone makes me want to eat it! The scent is an alluring blend of black raspberry and mirabelle plum with rich vanilla, caramel and amber. YUM! You can subscribe to … [Read more...]

Pictures of Baby Pug Puppies!

pictures of baby pug puppies

Need I say more? Baby pug puppies are SOOO cute! I cannot get enough of the cuteness that they offer. My mother-in-law raises them and shows them and she just had a litter of pug puppies! The pug puppies are at the age right now, where I LOVE playing with them. They have their eyes open and they want to run around and play with everything. They are adorable! I wish they would stay this way and not grow anymore! I had to take some pictures of baby pug puppies for you all to see. Who could turn this cutie away?? Just look at him! Then there is this one, he is quite the feisty one! Don't let him fool ya! My kids love playing with the baby pug puppies, but they also know they are still a bit young for them to be played with too much. In another week or so, they will be ready to run and play with my kids! My kids cannot WAIT!!!! Either can I :) The puppies are about 5 weeks old right now. Since my mother-in-law shows her pugs, she has to travel a lot. She goes to dog … [Read more...]

Have You Ever Given Birth In A Car?

newborn baby boy in hospital

Have you ever given birth in a car? Let me tell you, because I sure could have with my last baby! I was lying in bed when my water broke and it broke COMPLETELY... Like a waterfall... ya that. I had no makeup on, so I HAD to put some makeup on. If you know me, that is what I do! LOL. I carefully put on my full face of makeup, foundation, eye make up, bronzer and lip gloss. All the while my water was just breaking all over the place! My hubby and kids already had their coats on and hubs was in the car and it was running ready to go. I was still inside getting myself together all the while having the absolute WORST labor pains EVER. I was literally doubling over and not being able to speak let alone catch my breath for the next one. By the time I was done putting on my makeup, I was barely able to crawl to the car! The contractions were so close together it was crazy! In the car I was screaming at my hubby to go faster, but when the contractions started again I yelled at him to … [Read more...]

The Shrunks: Travel Beds For Kids (Giveaway)


*Product was received. Opinions and experiences are my own. The Shrunks: Travel Beds For Kids! Summertime is coming and so is the traveling season! Can't wait and either can my family! Love visiting the beach and other fun places! Sometimes when we stay at hotels, there is not enough beds or there is enough beds, but one of our kids wants to sleep next to us on the floor. The floor is not an ideal place to sleep, nor is it comfortable. That is why next time we travel, we will be bringing our Indoor Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed by The Shrunks! This bed is awesome. It comes with the pump and everything to get that toddler bed inflated and ready for use (carry bag, electric pump). Standard size crib sheets fit nicely on this mattress. What I really like about this inflatable travel bed is that you can actually lift up the mattress a bit, to put on the sheets. That way, the sheets fit and stay on the mattress, without coming off. LOVE that. I also like the soft mattress top. … [Read more...]