Simply Organic Moisture Wash & Rinse Duo Review

Simply Organic products are natural and effective! Read my review of the wash and rinse duo and enter to win your own!

EnvyDerm Effective Eyelash Growth & Conditioning Serum

EnvyDerm Eyelash Conditioning Serum to help grow out your sparse lashes. Starts to work in as little as two weeks. Enter to win one here! $99.95 value!

Handmade Glycerin Soap By Bath House Soaps

K, if you saw my last post, you know by now that I just LOVE bath products, soaps and all that jazz. I can never have enough of the stuff. My cupboards are brimming with wonderful soaps and lotions, oh ya! Each night I have a new soap and lotion to use ­čÖé Oh the […]

The Best Products of 2010

I had the opportunity to review many wonderful and not so wonderful products this year, and I decided to make up a list of my absolute favorite, that STILL are living up to their name. From skin care products, health and beauty, fashion and accessories to baby gear, baby clothes, toys and more! The best […]

RESIST Skin Resurfacing & Smoothing System Review

  My skin, especially on my face, always has to be exfoliated. If I go a week without exfoliating it, it shows. So, I am always on the lookout for great products that help with that. RESIST Skin Resurfacing & Smoothing System by Paula’s Choice, is a great system to make your face look glowing […]

Striking Skin Care Multi-Peptide Serum Review

      I have reviewed for Striking Skin Care before, and have been a fan of their products eversince. I love the way their products make my face and skin feel and I love that these products truly work for me. I had the chance to review their Striking Skin Care Mult-Peptide Serum. This […]

Marie Louise Skin Care Travel Kit

    I know many of you are traveling this holiday season. If you are like me, you like to feel at home when you travel, and having your beauty products around, is essential for survival.. I have reviewed Marie Louise Skin Care before, and really really love their products. So, naturally, when I was […]

TEMPTU Tattoos Review!

Ever wanted a tattoo, but just don’t want to do the real thing, quite yet? Or maybe you just don’t want to ever do the real thing, but yet you want a tattoo for a few days? Ya, I have been there! I came across some really cool tattoos that are not going to stay […]

The Carmex® Healing Skin Care Review

I have liked Carmex for as long as I can remember. I always had a Carmex lip balm in my purse or on my nightstand. So, I was super excited when I was able to be a Carmex Blog Squad Reviewer!! I already know and love the products, so why not make me an official […]

Cosmopolitan’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Looking Gorgeous!

Ever wonder how the stars get a certain look or how that lady did that cute little updo? Wonder what hue looks best on your face? Well, you don’t have to wonder too much longer, if you have the Cosmopolitan’s Sexiest Beauty Secrets: “The Ultimate Guide To Looking Gorgeous” on your nightstand!   I received […]