Squinkies Review!!



Talk about adorable little toys! I have always been a fan of miniatures and these toys really grabbed my attention! Squinkies are little tiny ADORABLE toys inside of a plastic bubble! You know, you go to the grocery store and your child spots those machines with little toys inside the plastic bubbles? Yep, that is what these are, but SO MUCH better, cuter and fun!!!

Squinkies Review

We received a package of the adorable Squinkies to try out! I have a little girl who is almost 3 and a boy who is 4.5. I had to watch my daughter like a HAWK with these, as they are very tiny and could be choking hazards for little ones. They are actually best for kids ages 4 and up, because of this. So, my poor daughter got LIMITED playing time with these, but my boy had a blast!!!

Squinkies Review

(YES, my daughter colored her cheeks with a pen she found, SIGH…)

There are 6 different bubble packs with the Squinkies and they are too cute. From pets, puppies,babies,kitties & ponies to friends and playsets!! You have it all with Squinkies! These toys are soft and squishy, and so much fun to play around with. Since I love minatures, I had to play with them too. They are just too cute not to want to! And of course, in every bubble pack, there are four colored balls where you cannot see in them, which have surprise Squinkies in them!!

Going back-to-school soon? Well, bring them with you on the end of your pencil! Yep, Squinkies fit nicely on the end of pencils to spruce up an otherwise boring pencil!!! Be the envy of all your buddies ๐Ÿ™‚

The playsets include the Gumball Surprize, Tea Time Surprize, Jewel Case and jewelry surprise! All of them totally cute and fun. And, coming SOON in October, just in time for the holidays, will be new Squinkies for you to collect!! Can’t wait!

“A Soft and Squishy Surprize Inside! Rings And Things Big And Small! Friends And Pets… Collect Them All!”

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I was sent some Squinkies to review and keep. These are my own honest opinions of this product. The amazon link above, is my own personal affiliate link, thanks!


  1. I am interested in these but am very concerned that a small toy, that is a choking hazard, is designed to sit on the end of a pencil – which kids and adults alike are likely to chew…

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