Beautisol 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum Review!


Hey, spent too much time in the sun this Summer, or every Summer? Seeing the signs of lines and other things? I am..SIGH. The sun can be so dangerous, heck everything about it is dangerous, but it can be so inviting too. Warmth on your skin and oh it feels nice! But, with the nice warm sun brings about those not so nice facial lines and discoloration.


But, I just found out, and got to try out, Beautisol‘s brand new face serum!! The 99% Pure Peptide Serum!!

What exactly is this 99% Pure Peptide Serum??? (taken from their site):

Well, Beautisol has combined eight cutting edge peptides to address all aspects of aging. Matrixyl™ 3000 and SYN®-COLL promote collagen synthesis while Peptamide™ 6 firms and tones the skin. Argireline®. Leuphasyl® and SNAP-8 band together to reduce and prevent wrinkles. Melanostatine®5 brightens photo-damaged skin while Aldenine® protects against further harmful UV damage. Don’t let age and past sun exposure hold you back…All you need is a little rescuing!

I received a sample size of this serum and I. Am. In. Love!!!!!!!!!! It is a VERY thick serum and a little goes a VERY long way. You simply put a tiny amount onto your skin and smooth it in. I use it around my eyes, cheeks, around my nose, laugh lines and between my eyes. I am telling you, this stuff ROCKS. It is very very moisturizing and since it is a heavier serum, it leaves your skin moist and does not sink in all that fast. It instantly makes the fine lines around my eyes more soft and less noticeable, I can’t really say this about a lot of products, but this particular serum really does this for me. I find myself only using this at night because during the day my face always has makeup on it and the serum is perfect for my night time routine only. Day time is more lighter stuff, as my face tends to get very greasy during the day.

Since Sun damage is the number one cause (at 90%) of all premature aging and skin wrinkling and is also the primary cause of skin discoloration and loss of collagen and elasticity, which sometimes makes you look 10 to 20 years older than you are. The 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum is the newest and most advanced anti-aging and sun damage reversal product on the market and I love it.

So, if you are looking for a wonderful serum, that really shows you results quite quickly, I would recommend this product to you. See for yourself and I will say “told ya so!”

Buy It!

The Beautisol 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum can be purchased online at and it retails for $120. But, if you join the club, it will only cost you $105! You can find out more about joining the club HERE!

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I was sent a sample size of the Beautisol 99% Pure Peptide Rescue Serum. These are my own honest opinions of this product, thanks!


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