When You Allow Siblings To Help You Review Products

Now I must say, I have had my fair share of review products. Sometimes I can review them myself, but other times I MUST have someone else help me out. I get quite overwhelmed with so many review products coming in, that at times, I just need some help!

I want to ensure that EVERY product that comes through my home, that is sent to me to review, gets a thorough review and an honest one. So, I must resort to asking my siblings to help me review these products.

My brother Scott, has been a HUGE help in the past. He has reviewed many items for me from phones to heated dog pads (well, he showed how NOT to use the heated dog bed and I am sure that was helpful to many people who thought that they COULD use it.. but they must not!!).

My sister has also helped me immensely with her reviewing techniques. She has reviewed jeans for me and other things. So helpful!!! Yay!

When You Allow Siblings To Help You Review Products..

humorous man sitting on the toilet

He even tested the phone out in the restroom!!!! SO helpful!

humorous man on the phone

He was SO impressed that this phone had no carrier commitments or contracts!!!

Being harmed by a large tricycle

Now, in this review, he was attempting to show you how you should not lie down right next to a tricycle, as it might harm you

dog biting and attacking a vacuum

This review was showing that if you vacuum and have a canine around, perhaps you should put the canine away so that they do not bite or attack the vacuum

things humans should not do

This was the review where he was demonstrating that a human should not use the heated dog pad as their own heating pad

man on bed with scary faceMaking sure the bed at the hotel we were reviewing, was nice and soft! Such a hard job!!


Making sure the kids were having fun 

man showering

Testing out the hotel shower (he said it was quite nice!)

Now, despite my brother’s best efforts, I decided that maybe I should stick to doing the reviews and maybe he could just come over to my home at times, and watch the kids while I work.

What do you think…

Should I have my brother continue to help me with my reviews? Or should I just do them myself??


  1. Lily Kwan says:

    I think your brother is very funny! You should continue to let him help with your reviews.

  2. Makes me wish I had a brother. You should continue to let him help with reviews. Good for a laugh.

  3. Natalie Nichols says:

    Your brother seems like a goofball! Lol.

  4. Maryann D. says:

    These photos are really funny!!! Your brother seems like my brother. The little dog is cute too!

  5. I think your brother is hilarious!! A review is still a review, right?! It’s always good to have family support too! If the products survive your brother’s review, score more points for the product! I enjoyed this post immensely!! *LOL* P.S. Your brother is too cute and too much fun to be single too!! *LOL* 🙂

    • Yes, he certainly is entertaining when he comes over. ALWAYS makes me laugh, real hard! He needs to find a good gal that will laugh with him 🙂

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