Track And Share Your Favorite Vacation Memories With

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Are you an avid traveler and travel all the time, or do you travel only occasionally, like me? I wish I could travel all the time, but the time and funds to do that do not exist! It is also fun to Track And Share Your Favorite Vacation Memories with  your friends and family!


Track And Share Your Favorite Vacation Memories


When we traveled to Disneyland back in 2010 (yep, that was our last BIG vacation, sigh..), we took a ton of pictures and documented a lot of our trip on social media. But, social media moves quickly and soon our trip pictures and updates were lost in the shuffle of Facebook. They got buried quickly and our trip updates were not seen by many of our friends and family. That was upsetting!

I tagged most of my family and friends, but I was on vacation and did not want to have to do all that tagging just so that people could see what we were up to. That was too much work!


Track And Share Your Favorite Vacation Memories


Track And Share Your Favorite Vacation Memories!

Even though our Disney trip is long gone (and buried deep in social media somewhere!) we will be on other trips! And, when we do go on a big trip again, I will be prepared because I now use Talk about a breath of fresh air!

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Track And Share Your Favorite Vacation Memories reminds me a lot of Facebook. Kind of the same look and feel. It is free to sign up and the process to sign up is quick. Once you are signed up and logged in, you can write about a recent trip or trip you are planning, etc. Once you are done writing about the trip, you can download all your pictures and then save your trip.

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Track And Share Your Favorite Vacation Memories


After your trip is saved, you then have the option to share on your Facebook page, share with friends on, etc.

I love the option to ‘find friends‘ on Obviously, when you first sign up with your friends may not be on there just yet. Once they join, you can safely share your trips and travels with your buddies!


Track And Share Your Favorite Vacation Memories


One thing I have yet to figure out is if I can invite my friends through I have not seen an option to do that but I could be missing it. I will look more and play around more with the site. But as for right now, I think you just email your friends or invite them to, on your own. No biggy but an  invite on the site would be helpful!

You can also create a group. I would use this tool for when I was planning a trip with my friends and family. I would include everyone going on that trip, in this group, so we could plan our travels together and be on the same page once we were on the trip together. All of the features are so easy to use. In A Nutshell

Create an archive and store your favorite travel memories

Share travel memories with your friends

Rediscover and remember all your favorite trips and travels


Join For Free!

I encourage all of you who travel, to join It is free to join and takes just a few minutes to get set up. When you do join, tell your friends about it and encourage them to join for free too! The more the merrier!


Will You Be Joining What Trip Would You Share?






  1. The program ia very helpful, I need to try it, becuse we travel a lot and need to save out pics in a reliable place. Thank you for the hint))

  2. that is one of my favorite your lovely family picture

  3. I would be interested in this program to help share and record my memories on vacation and other events.

  4. You bet! Please join and be my buddy on there!!

  5. Hey Lee! I want you to join! Did you? If not, go do it now. You will love it, promise! And, we can be friends!

  6. Recording and sharing favorite trip memories with friends would be AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing, I have to try this 🙂

  7. This is amazing because we do lose our pictures so quickly on social media. Then they are forgotten to you but 5 months later someone asks how your trip was and you have to go though 200 pictures to even GET to your pictures of the vacation. So I like this, is what I’m trying to say.

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